How Long Can You Go Without Sleep?

How long do you think you can do without sleeping? Many people wonder how long humans can go without sleep!

Just like food, water and shelter humans need sleep! It lets us refresh our bodies and minds and wake up prepared for the next day.

Current World Record

The current world record for staying awake is held by Randy Gardner. In 1965 Randy set the world record for the amount of time without sleeping by staying awake for 264 hours, our about 11 days, during a school science fair.

Since 1965 there have been other more scientific studies that have lasted between 8 and 10 days. In each sleep deprivation case subjects experienced a severe decline in mental and physical abilities. Fortunately, these problems disappeared after a few normal nights of sleep.

Death by Sleep Deprivation

Is it possible to die from sleep deprivation? Due to the lack of research into this dangerous topic it is hard to know what happens if we never sleep. It is possible for humans to die from a rare genetic disorder called Fatal familial insomnia (FFI). FFI can lead to death after about 6 months of no sleep in combination with other organ failures.

FFI Cases

The most well known case of Fatal familial insomnia is Michael Corke. Michael Corke experienced 6 months of sleep deprivation in addition to other medical problems before passing away from the infectious prion disease.

Morvans Syndrome

Another rare medical condition called Morvans fibrillary chorea (Morvans Syndrome) can cause sleep deprivation for months with seemingly few side effects. The most well documented case of Morvans is from Lyon, France. Doctors there treated a 27 year old man who did not sleep few several months. During this time he experienced no cognitive disorders, mental problems or impairments except nightly hallucinations!

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Cognitive Impairments

One of the most noticeable declines when not sleeping is in Cognitive functions. Randy Gardner experienced a significant decline in cognitive functions during the final days of his world record attempt in 1965. In fact, Randy may have been considered “awake” during the final few hours since his eyes were open but he was not cognitively functional!


It is no secret that not sleeping will turn you into a grouch! Staying up all night, night terrors or chronic insomnia can turn even the nicest person into a real Grinch.

Delusions, Paranoia & Psychosis

Missing one night of sleep should not cause mental problems. After two or three days of missing sleep delusions, paranoia and psychosis will begin to set in and cognitive functions will decline. Fortunately, these seem to pass after a few days of regular rest.

Recovering from Sleep Deprivation

In most cases recovering from sleep deprivation is as easy as getting some rest in a comfortable bed! I like to use a sleep mask, pull my shades closed and slide in earplugs to make sure I can recover after a few nights of insomnia!

Non human studies

Scientists have conducted many sleep studies on lab animals like rats and mice. Scientists at the University of Chicago designed an experiment that pushed rats into water when a computer detected they were sleeping. The rats were able to stay awake for about two weeks before death from whole body hypermetabolism.

Sleep Deprivation Timeline

The effects of sleep deprivation are more extreme as time passes. Most people know what it feels like to miss a night of sleep and how it can affect the human body but do not realize the cognitive decline that happens after missing multiple nights in a row!

24 Hours

After just 24 hours of sleep deprivation you will begin to experience cognitive and motor impairments similar to having a BAC of .1! You may be able to function on “autopilot” but will not be anything like your normal self!

Staying up all night to study for a big exam may seem like a good idea until you get to the test the next day! Missing even one night of sleep can cause a decline in hand eye coordination as well as problems in judgement, memory and decision making!

36 Hours

After 36 hours of sleep deprivation your body starts to be negatively affected. Your blood pressure will begin to spike, focus will become cloudy and core muscle groups may begin to feel “slower” than normal.

Some people have reported sleep walking through their day. They also can’t seem to remember specific details or bits of information from earlier.

48 Hours

At the 48 hour mark the body starts to experience regular bouts of micro-sleep. Micro-sleep is when the body shuts down for a short amount of time, before regaining consciousness. You might not even be aware micro-sleep episodes are occurring during this time!

72 Hours

After 72 hours of sleep deprivation your body will start to experience a severe decline in function and may begin hallucinating, feeling delusional or beccomatose! It becomes almost impossible to focus on basic tasks and basic conversations become much more difficult. Your cognitive functions will be at an all time low and perception of reality can become warped!


Can you die from sleep deprivation?

It is technically possible to die from sleep deprivation in rare medical cases FFI or Morvans. However, most deaths attributed to lack of sleep involve other factors like automobile accidents or poor judgement from cognitive decline!

If you have not slept in a few days do not drive a car or operate machinery!

How long before hallucinations?

Hallucinations from sleep deprivation typically start around 72 hours. At first they may feel like “drifting off” but after a few days they will become much more severe like the case of Randy Gardner.

How long can you stay awake on Meth?

Methamphetamine and other drugs make it possible to stay awake for multiple days at a time. Of course, this is not healthy and leads to long term mental health problems.

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Does Melatonin Cause Constipation?

Melatonin is a quick and safe nighttime sleep aid, but many people worry that Melatonin causes constipation. Many popular sleep aides have uncomfortable side effects like a groggy feeling in the morning, constipation, dizziness and dry mouth.

Melatonin and Constipation

Melatonin tends to have fewer side effects than other sleep aids like prescription sleep aides or over the counter sleeping pills like Unisom or ZzzQuil. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produce by your Pineal gland, located deep inside your head.

Production is normally stimulated by your circadian rhythm with levels peaking when it is time for bed!

Since Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by your body to regulate sleep it is less harsh and tends to produce a more natural sleep cycle than sleeping pills.

Melatonin and Your Diet

Eating a healthy diet is key to avoiding constipation. Some foods like diary, rice and beans, turkey and chicken are all high in Melatonin!

Medical Evidence

Most of the medical research around Melatonin is focused around improving circadian rhythms and the sleep cycle. When it comes to constipation and other cramping it is best to be prepared until you know how your body will react to Melatonin.

Avoiding Constipation

If you are taking Melatonin for sleep and want to avoid nighttime and morning constipation try these tips!

How to avoid constipation

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Drink water and avoid sugary drinks
  3. Try fiber supplements
  4. Get regular exercise

What causes lack of Melatonin?

A lack of Melatonin production can often be attributed to a disruption in your sleep cycle, stress and even aging! Other common factors that can inhibit production from the Pineal Gland include: soda, alcohol, staying up all night and working the night shift. Fortunately, Melatonin is available in many forms and completely safe to take at night.

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Poor sleep quality
  • Irritability during the day
  • Difficulty waking in the morning

How can I test my Melatonin levels?

There are a number of ways your doctor can test your melatonin levels. The most common test methods are blood, urine or saliva test to measure active levels in the body.

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Best Crystals for Restful Sleep

Falling right asleep is great.

Except that is not reality for some people. If you struggle to get restful sleep it might be time to try sleeping crystals instead of other sleep aides. While some people may dismiss the power of sleep crystals many people rely on their so called power when placed under a pillow or on a nightstand to get a good nights rest.

Not sure if Crystals actually IMPROVE Sleep?

Sure, sleep crystals are not as powerful as prescription sleeping aides but they do work for some people, plus they have no harmful side effects like sleeping pills and don’t cause discomfort like sleep masks. The soothing vibes of Amethyst and the cooling tones from Quartz crystals can help fall asleep as soon as your head touches your pillow and wake up feeling better than ever!

Sleep Crystal Myths

Many people will disagree or even laugh when you tell them you use sleep crystals. Sure, there may not be a lot of science to back up their power but as long as it is working for you why ask questions! Not getting enough sleep at night can ruin my plans for the next day so I will deal with a few weird looks in order to wake up feeling my best.

What Crystals help you sleep?

My personal favorite crystals for sleep are Selenite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Moonstones.


One of my favorite crystals for sleep is Selenite. A few small crystals positioned around your room and under your pillow can fill your room with positive energy. Selenite’s high vibration frequency is perfect for driving away bad dreams and preventing insomnia.

Old crystals not as effective as they once were?

Selenite’s vibration frequency is so high it can even be used to recharge old crystals and create a peaceful aura. Try leaving your Selenite in contact overnight with your old crystals and the results may surprise you!


Sleep crystal experts will tell you that Amethyst can be dangerous due to its power to amplify dreams.

In most cases intense dreams are a good thing. They can relieve stress, stop anxiety and help you stay in bed all night. Just be careful if you are prone to having nightmares! If amethyst amplifies a nightmare you could be in for quite a fright!

Quartz Crystals

Nightmares and night terrors are not just for kids. A Quartz crystal under your pillow will clear your mind and guide you towards pleasant dreams. It is my favorite crystal for deep sleep and always help me feel great, especially when I have to wake up early.

Got a Sleep Crystal Tip?

Do you use sleep crystals and have a tip to share with the world? Send us your tip here and be featured on our blog!

Giovanna Silvestre at
Running my own company requires getting a good nights rest. I’m the type of person who needs a solid 8 hours of sleep per night.

One of my tricks for an awesome nights rest is keeping my Amethyst crystal by my bed, on my night stand. Amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals to help with sleep.  Amethyst stones bring soothing and calming energies that help me to relax.

Louise at
Raven and CroneI use Golden Calcite. For me personally it is very relaxing. Just keep it in your pillow and hold it for a bit before you try to go to sleep. The purifying energy of Calcite cleans out stored negative energy from a room, the body, etc.  I find this crystal to help clear out the chatter in our minds.

Calcite is a protecting, grounding and centering stone, and can help bring inner peace. The inner peace feels so powerful it just relaxes us almost immediately. All calcites stones are helpful in lessening of fear and reducing stress. All calcites are soothing but I find the golden calcite the most soothing.

Elica at
I love blue kyanite and amethyst for promoting restful sleep and sweet dreams. Also great for lucid dreaming! I keep them in a wood dish of sand on my night stand or in a terrarium jar filled with moss, crystals, and calming herbs!

Melanie Beckler at
Ask Angels LogoMy favorite sleep crystals are selenite, herkimer diamond, and kyanite. Selenite is beautifully attuned to the energy of angels and helps to clear and calm your energy before bed. Herkimer diamonds are beautiful bringers of light and can help you to have and remember magical vivid dreams.

Last but not least, kyanite is a powerfully protective stone that helps to build a bridge to your higher guidance, while increasing dream recall, and supporting you in aligning with more of your highest authenticity while you sleep. Try placing these three stones on your bedside table to consistently leverage their wonderful energy and powerful assistance while you sleep! 

Is Putting Vaseline on Your Face Before Bed Good?

Updated: 4/13/2018

People will go a long way to look good and have clear skin but is putting Vaseline on your face before bed an effective for preventing acne? There are many misconceptions and rumors about using Vaseline as a beauty product, some people even claim it can melt your face off! You may be surprised to when you learn just how effective rubbing some on your face before bed can be at reducing acne, preventing wrinkles and healing other skin damage.

Is it OK to use Vaseline?

Yes! Vaseline is 100% safe to use on your face before bed, just remember if you use too much you may find yourself cleaning your pillow in the morning! Vaseline is made of 100% non-comedogenic Petroleum Jelly which does not clog pores and prevents oils from seeping into the skin.

If you notice your face start to break out after using Petroleum Jelly stop right away! The skin on your face is very delicate and sensitive, while Vaseline might not cause any medical problems it can irritate sensitive skin! Also be careful if you are sick! Petroleum Jelly is an occlusive that locks moisture into the skin, if you are sick you could be locking in your germs!

Can I use Vaseline as a moisturizer

Occlusives like Vaseline are great nighttime moisturizers, especially if your skin is not already dry. Petroleum jelly forms a protective barrier on the top layer of your skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin well hydrated. Vaseline can also be used in place of lotion on dry, sensitive skin to aid in the healing process and stop itching!

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Does Vaseline overnight treat oily skin?

Vaseline is a great way to treat oily skin overnight, just make sure to thoroughly wash your face so you are not locking dirt and oil into your pores. Applying Vaseline before washing your face can lock dirt, oil and other acne causing particles into your skin all night! Before application lather your face with a bar of white soap and dry off with a clean towel.

Other good alternatives to using pure Vaseline are traditional moisturizers that contain a percentage of Petroleum jelly. These are great alternatives to Vaseline if you have sensitive skin or need extra nutrients and vitamins.

Wrinkles and Vaseline

Using Vaseline at night has also been linked to preventing wrinkles, but this might just be because all moisturizers prevent wrinkles. Either way if you are worried about developing wrinkles on your face or want to minimize current age lines try rubbing some Vaseline on problem areas before heading to bed for the night!

Is it good to put Vaseline under your eyes?

Since the area under your eyes is a common spot for wrinkles, age marks and acne to appear you may be worrying if Vaseline is safe to use close to your eyes. As long as you do not get large amounts of the jelly in your eyes you should be OK! We recommend washing your hands after rubbing it on your face to ensure no problems. Vaseline is a great way to keep these patches hydrated and looking fresh.

Got a Hot Tip?

If you regularly use Vaseline before bed or as part of your regular beauty routine Sleep Insider wants to hear from you! Send us your best tips for using Vaseline before bed or just to look your best and get featured in our blog! Submit your tips to our team via email or using this form!

Johanna Lagerroos at
I feel like moisturizing before bed is always good, but my personal preference would be something more natural like coconut oil (which also gets bonus points from the lovely scent!).

Swati Murti at
I am not a big fan of mineral oil or petroleum jelly, thanks to all the bashing it has received in the recent years. But, to be honest, my experience with vaseline has not been bad at all. It does result in a lot of blackheads but did not give me breakouts. Still, I steer clear of it except in extenuating circumstances. But, I find it a great help to create an occlusive layer. So, I love to use it as two things in my beauty routine which do not include the face! 1. I use a lip moisturizer and finish up with a layer of vaseline to prevent the loss of moisture. 2. Similar to the lips, I apply hand cream and then finish off with a light layer of vaseline to keep the moisture in.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan at
I always get breakouts if I put vaseline on my face before bed, so I skip it for the whole face and just use it for my lips.

12 Ways to Beat Toddlers Bedtime Tantrums

Getting a toddler to go to bed with out a tantrum is tough. Listening to a child throwing a nightly fit can be rough on your ears and your emotions. When my son was young he went though a period where he would cry and scream every night before bed.

At first I thought it was part of growing up but it started turning into a nightly routine! My little one’s inability to fall asleep left me exhausted!

Every parent knows bed time go can one of two ways:

In a perfect world, you read your children a few chapters from their favorite book and then they fall asleep.

In real life, your kids are in and out of bed and screaming loud enough to wake up the neighborhood. And your sitting in bed wondering, how can I get my kids to stay in bed?

Weather it is negotiations, screaming or tantrums there is a better way to put the kids to bed.

Out of nowhere our son was afraid to sleep alone and was set on letting the world know with a temper tantrum! Nothing changed about our nightly bedtime routine or his room, he just didn’t want to go to bed!

Why do toddlers throw tantrums before bed?

Understanding why children throw a fit is tough, often there is not one thing that sets them off. While all hope might seem lost as a parent you can rest easy knowing science says this behavior is normal!

Fall Asleep Faster!

We put together a list of 100+ tips to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed!

12 Ways to Stop Tantrums

1. Avoid Soda before Bed

2. Turn off the TV during the day and exercise before bed

3. Have a set bed time, and stick to it even on the weekends

4. Keep a structured bedtime routine

5. Always make kids go to sleep in their own bed, not the couch

6. Keep toys, ipads and cell phones off and out of the bedroom

7. Wake up at the same time every day keeping the same routine

8. Don’t let kids get out of bed too many times for drinks of water, trips to the bathroom and other excuses to get up

9. Never give into a tantrum, once you break and your child gets their way it will become routine

10. Don’t try to reason with a toddler, when mom and dad say it is bed time they mean it

11. Set the right tone an hour before bed by turning the tv down, dimming the lights and calming the children down

12. Try some melatonin about 30 minutes before bed

But here’s the kicker:

Little kids are going to throw temper tantrums no matter what you do. Even the best parents will want to pull their hair out some nights trying to get their kids to go to bed.

Now Here’s the Deal:

These 11 tips can help get your children to bed without a fight, but it is up to you to make it happen! Without enforcing strict rules you are in for a headaches every night, remember bed time does not have to be fun!

Don’t worry, it gets better:
If you enforce strict bed time rules you should have no problem stopping most tantrums before they start!

Tantrum Tips from REAL Moms!

Get a tantrum tip to add to our list? Submit it using this form and get featured on our blog with other expert Moms!

Michelle Haslett at
What Mummy ThinksGiving them a clear routine that we follow every day. They know what to expect then. Also we find that giving a 10 minute, 5 minute warning also helps to avoid any tantrums!


Karen Langston at
Parents and CoDealing with toddlers sleep issues can feel like a huge challenge as they will have been happening for a long time! Many parents with toddlers either enter the night with a sense of optimism and hope that the problem will just resolve itself, or they think that they will never ever fix the issues and they will never sleep again!!

The good news is its fixable, however sometimes convincing tired parents that things can improve can be hard! Toddler negotiations at 3am may involve many tears because you are changing things! Unfortunately many toddlers will try to resist these changes! It is important that your toddler realises that there are boundaries to their night time wake ups!

If they get upset they need to know you are there and they are ok, but it is time to go to sleep!!! Really important parents give them the same message over and over again, as they are looking at you for guidance. Most importantly you keep remembering why you are doing this and the long term gain to you all!

Faith Collins at
Joyful ToddlersIf your toddler has a meltdown when you announce that it’s time to get ready for bed, stop announcing it! Try doing the practical aspects of bedtime much earlier, so that they don’t signal the “end of the fun.”

If brushing teeth is a power struggle, move it up to directly after dinner, instead of before climbing into bed. Remember that children like to do what we do—do you brush your teeth when you want you child to brush hers? Let her have a moment of giving your teeth an extra brush before it’s your turn.

If getting pajamas on is a time for meltdowns, try putting them on MUCH earlier—perhaps even before dinner. This way, the act of putting pajamas on is separated from the end of the day

Finally, many meltdowns happen at the very end of the bedtime routine, as children try to prolong this special time of direct attention. Rather than losing your temper, imagine yourself as a music box, slowly winding down to its inevitable halt.

Nicole Arsiwala at
I am not one who sticks to a set routine when it comes to parenting. Ever since my child was a baby, I followed what I termed a ‘loose routine’ – so things were done at around the same time everyday, but if my child decided to sleep later one morning or wasn’t hungry at lunchtime, I would let him lead and move things around a bit.

However, as he grew into a toddler and the bedtime battles began, I came to realise the importance of a bedtime routine. It doesn’t ensure a peaceful bedtime every night, but it works a charm most nights. It sets the tone for bedtime as children know what to expect next (and that’s very important for a child – the unexpected frightens them). Bedtime is one area where I would highly recommend a routine (at least the same string of events in the same order, even if it’s not the same time every night!)

Talya at
It’s about getting the balance right. Stick to a familiar bedtime routine every evening but offer flexibility within that by offering choices. Going to bed is not a choice, but the book they read, or the pajamas they wear can be. This gives them a little bit of power, while enabling you the parent to stay in control of a calm bedtime.

Is it Illegal to Sleep in your Car?

There are many reasons why you might want to sleep in your car over night. While it might not be the most comfortable place to sleep, especially if you have a small car, it can definitely be accomplished however the legality of spending the night in your car depends on state and city laws.

To be on the safe side always check local laws before planning on sleeping in your car over night, after all the last thing you want is to be woken up in the middle of the night be a police officer!

Is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car at Walmart?

It is legal to sleep at most Walmarts around the country and if you might not find yourself alone. Camping out in Walmart parking lots has been popular for years with many different communities. While you might not find a welcoming committee when you arrive for your overnight stay it is free and you should not receive any trouble from law enforcement as long as you keep to yourself and do not cause problems.

Sleeping in the car

There are many locations across the country that have designated RV parking especially in popular travel areas however many people spend the night in their car or the bed of their truck. For best results you should still focus on keeping a low profile and drawing as little attention to yourself as possible. Make sure to buy something in the store and use the restroom one final time before retiring to your car for the night.

Is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car in California?

It is safe and legal to sleep in your car in most places in California, as long as you are not trust-passing, on private property or causing a disturbance. Other things to keep an eye out for are No Overnight Parking, Reserved Parking and Handicap Parking signs which could cause additional legal or towing problems.

Many California cities have specific laws regarding the homeless so make sure to do your research before hand. While you might not consider yourself homeless sleeping in your car still might fall under some of these laws. If you are worried about finding a safe and legal place to stay there are many parks, RV parks and CALTRANS rest stops that have free or cheap overnight stays.

Is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car in New York?

There are no standing laws against sleeping in your vehicle in New York but you may be subject to a number of other laws and local regulations. Laws against sleeping in your car were recently ruled to be unfair against the homeless and so you should not have any problem as long as you watch for road signs and private property.

Usually the worst thing that will happen is you will be asked move and find somewhere else to go. There are also many public and private parks and campgrounds that are available for overnight stay. If you are trying to stay in New York City and feel sneaky you can always try to find a place on top of a parking garage in warmer months.

Is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car in Texas?

Sleeping in your car is legal in Texas, but beware of the heat! If you have to sleep in your car in the Lone Star State be sure to keep your windows cracked and have a bottle of water handy.

Most people elect to sleep in a tent, RV or even in a hammock if they have to sleep outside in Texas however your car is always a great option. Before choosing a spot to sleep in for the night check the area for No Parking Signs, Handicap Signs and Private Property Signs just to be sure you will have no trouble. Remember, sleeping in your car near the Gulf of Mexico is going to be much different than in the panhandle so make sure to plan ahead.

Is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car in Michigan?

Camping in your car in Michigan is legal just be sure to stay warm during the winter. Unless it is snowing outside usually all you will need is a light blanket, a pillow and your car!

There are many free places to sleep with your car in Michigan. The most popular places to sleep in your car are Walmart parking lots, camp grounds, overnight shopping centers and inconspicuous areas.




Yes - Sleeping is legal!


Yes - Be careful in the cold!


Yes - Be careful in the Summer heat!




Yes - Watch for private property!




Yes - In rest areas along the Illinois Toll Road










Yes- 8 hrs. for Interstate rest areas;
16 hrs for Highway rest areas


Yes - In rest areas along the Illinois Toll Road






Yes; With limitations












Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - 8 hour limit


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal

New Hampshire


New Jersey

Yes - limited overnight parking

New Mexico

Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal

New York

Yes - Beware of local laws!

North Carolina


North Dakota



Yes- Beware of local laws!


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal



Rhode Island


South Carolina


South Dakota





Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal


Yes - Sleeping in your car is legal






Yes - Beware of local laws!

West Virginia





Yes - Beware of local laws!

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Legal Places to Sleep in your Car

Finding a legal place to sleep in your car nearby might be easier than you expect. Most Walmarts will let you sleep in the back of the lot for a night but if that is not an option there are always alternatives. Campsites, RV Parks and other hidden away spots can provide a place to park and sleep for the night.

Remember to be careful! Many public parking lots, garages and parks may be public spaces and seem like overnight parking is legal but the local police might not welcome your presence! If the police or a security guard approaches your vehicle and ask to move it is best to hit the road!

How to Stop Waking up with Shoulder Pain

When you wake up in the morning you should be feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Your mind has had a few hours to rest and reboot while your body has been working on growth and repairs. If you find yourself waking up with shoulder pain there might be something wrong with your joint or rotator cuff!

How to prevent waking up with shoulder pain

The first step in preventing morning pains is identifying the cause. Waking up and experiencing pain or cramping more then 2 morning per week is a warning sign something is wrong! Try isolating the cause and changing your nightly routing. Most pain will be localized in one area of the shoulder and likely has an underlying cause you can address.

Other common ways to prevent morning pain in the shoulder

  • Avoid sleeping with your arm under your pillow
  • Sleep on a softer mattress
  • Stretch before bed and after waking up

Shoulder Pain Causes

Your shoulders take quite a beating while your awake and at night when you are sleeping. There are many reasons why your shoulders might hurt after waking up. The most common reasons for shoulder pains are injury, trauma or bad sleep posture.

Shoulder pain and the Gym

A good session at the gym, focusing on your shoulders is a common cause of morning soreness and pain. Recently visiting the gym is a common cause of shoulder pain when lifting your arms. If this sounds like you try to include some shoulder pain relief exercises into your workout.

Shoulder Pain and Trauma

Another potential reason you might be reaching for an icepack after waking up is trauma. Your shoulders protect your inner body from bruising by absorbing incoming blows. As a result simple tasks like helping a friend move can leave your shoulders bruised and sore!

Sleep Position

One of most common reasons you might wake up with sore shoulders or blades is your sleep position. If you fall asleep on your side, in an unnatural position or on an uncomfortable couch you may be in for a rough morning. There are many muscles, nerves and blood vessels that run through the shoulder. Pinching a nerve or blocking a blood vessel is more than enough to cause morning discomfort.

Shoulder Pain Conditions

  • Dislocated Sholder
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Frozen Sholder
  • Cancer
    • Lung cancer
    • Breast cancer
    • Liver cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Strains and Tears
  • Shoulder impingement

Shoulder pain diagnosis

  • Xrays
  • Physical exams
  • Should pain while lifting arm

Morning Shoulder Pain Treatments

  • Stretches for shoulder pain and neck pain
  • Icepacks
  • shoulder pain relief medication
  • physiotherapy exercise

Hearing Voices at Night Before Sleeping

For a few months I thought I was hearing voices at night before sleeping! These voices kept me up well past my bedtime night after night. I started to wonder if I was hearing my neighbors voices or if I was hearing auditory hallucinations. After awhile they voices seem to go away and I just to fall asleep without hearing anything but I could never figure out the cause!

Sometimes the voices are coming from in the same room while other times they sound more distant. A few times I have been able to hear some phrases or make sense of names but it usually sounded like random words.

Since I live alone I wanted to find out where the noises were coming from and make sure I was not crazy! I did not feel like theses noises were hallucinations, but my neighbors are also quiet people! After ruling out ghost and other paranormal activity I began to look around for other causes.

Common Causes of Nightly Voices


After reading around online I found one of the most common causes of nightly voices is your neighbors! The walls in some apartments, town homes and condos can be very thin, allowing you to hear conversations next door! If you think this might be the cause of your voices try to figure out which direction the noises are coming from and ask your neighbors to keep it down after dark.


The second most common causes of night time voices is your roommates! If you live with a roommate or in other group housing like a dorm you know just how loud it is at night. Try asking your roommates to be more considerate if they are up late at night, or try a pair a earplugs to block the noise! Most people will respect your need for sleep or else you might want to start looking for a new place to live!

Practical Joker

Do these voices seem to always be calling your name or know weird information about you? They might be coming from a practical joker looking for a quick laugh by calling out to you through the air vents! Next time the voices show up check what your roommates and friends are up to and you might catch someone in the act.

Spirits and Ghosts

Not everyone believes in the supernatural but Spirits, Ghosts and other beings have been know to call out. While scientists have never confirmed the actual existence of these spectral beings we will leave it up to you to decide!

Have YOU Stopped Nighttime Voices?

Do you have a tip or trick for stopping nightly voices from ruining a good nights rest? Submit it to our team here and we will feature it in our article!

Can You Take Melatonin Every Night?

Melatonin is often sold as a natural sleep aid that is non addictive and a safe alternative to habit forming sleep pills, but does that mean it is safe to take every night? Melatonin is a hormone naturally produce by the pineal gland (located in your brain) and is used to regulate your circadian rhythm and force your body to go to bed. Melatonin pills and gummies are made of synthetic versions of the hormone that are artificially produced in the lab! Read more to find out if this natural sleep aid is safe for long term use!

Side Effects of Long Term Use

Even though Melatonin is all natural we had to wonder about side effects from long term usage. After some research we found a few side effects as well as a small chance for dependency! If you rely purely on Melatonin every night for sleep and suddenly have to stop taking the pills every night you may experience more sever problems falling asleep!

Other commonly reported side effects of taking Melatonin every night:

  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • REM sleep disorders

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Stopping Melatonin After Extended Use

Quitting Melatonin can be rough, but it is possible to get your body back to a natural, sleep aide free sleep cycle in a few weeks if you follow these tips!

  1. First, we recommend avoiding drugs and alcohol while stopping taking Melatonin
  2. Second, improve your diet by cooking meals at home instead of eating out
  3. Third, exercise every day so your body is tired and ready for bed
  4. Fourth, work to remove external stress from your life so you can sleep worry free

Our Verdict

In the end it is a personal decision if you should take Melatonin nightly to help you sleep. While there are some minor negatives to extended usage and detoxing can be rough for the first week we know that getting a good night sleep is essential to a successful day!

Jaw Pain After Sleeping

Jaw pain after waking up in the morning may seem like no big deal but it can be a sign of many more serious problems and can be a source if irritation all day. Most people wake up after sleep feeling refreshed and ready for the day but if you have a sore or painful jaw you might feel like crawling back into bed and canceling your day!

A sore jaw can cause problems eating and talking, not to mention being uncomfortable! We researched some of the most common causes of morning jaw pain and found some great ways to prevent and treat symptoms!

Teeth Grinding

The most common cause of morning jaw pain is night time teeth grinding. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can cause waking up with jaw pain on one side as well as destroy your teeth!

Luckily, a good mouth guard can hold the jaw in place and prevent you from grinding your teeth! Some people grind their teeth at night without even know until they visit the dentist and are surprised to learn the real source of their pain!

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Preventing Jaw Pain

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    Sleep with a softer pillow instead of a firm or Tempur-Pedic style pillow
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    Fall asleep with your head flat on the bed, using only one pillow instead of a pile
  • check
    Get treatment for teeth grinding
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    Work to de-stress your life! Try exercising, reading a book or spending more time with your family or drinking warm milk before bed so your can get better sleep!

Treating Morning Jaw Pain

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    An ice pack and Advil for bad days
  • check
    Mouthguards for teeth grinders
  • check
    Jaw exercises for Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome
  • check
    A smoothie or shake for breakfast to avoid painful chewing

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

Chronic jaw pain after sleeping on side, back or stomach may be something more serious called Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, also called TMJ, is a condition characterized by pain from the jaw joint. The most common symptoms are difficult chewing food and general jaw pain.

Some sleep positions like sleeping on your side can force your jaw out of alignment after sleeping causing pain and discomfort.


Another surprising cause of morning pain under your ear and behind the jaw bone can be cavities. Cavities appear slowly over time and if you do not visit the dentist on a regular basis can be hard to detect and correlate with jaw discomfort. Everyone should brush their teeth at least twice a day to prevent cavities and other dental problems.

If you are having trouble finding the cause of your jaw pain try visiting your dentist for a xrays and a checkup!