Dodow Sleep Aid Review

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It is no secret that millions of people around that world have trouble falling asleep every night – fortunately the Dodow Sleep Aid is here to help! Instead of relying (and getting addicted) to powerful sleeping pills why not train your body to fall asleep naturally with Dodow’s metronome light system! The timed lighting and breathing exercises help train your body to fall asleep – and don’t worry the unit turns off when you fall asleep. Interested in learning more about the 8 and 20 minute sleep modes, plus additional information on specifications, pros and cons, trial and warranty, shipping and delivery plus verified customer reviews – then keep reading!

Dodow Specifications

Specification Information
Cycles 8 and 20 minute cycles
Size 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
Light Color Light blue and white
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Dodow Sleep Aid

Dodow Sleep Aid

The Dodow Sleep Aid is different from most of the normal sleep aids you are used to – instead of relying on powerful drugs it uses light and timed breathing exercises to train your body to fall asleep faster! It has 2 different cycles – 8 and 20 minutes and a one touch restart for those hard to fall asleep nights!

2 Sleep Cycles

Try both 8 and 20 minute patterns to find what is best for your body and sleep cycle.

Auto Shut Down

Worried about leaving your appliances on all night – the Dodow turns off after 60 minutes.

Time and Regulate your Breathing

Follow the timed breathing exercises and reduce your breaths per minute from 11 to 6.

Hypnotic Sleep Effect

The soft light plus reduced body function produced a hypnotic effect on the brain.

Dodow Trial & Warranty





Refunds & Returns

Refunds and returns via Amazon

Dodow Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Costs

Shipping is included with your Amazon order

How is it Shipped?

Orders are shipped within a few days in a small cardboard box

Where does Dodow ship to?

Dodow ships anywhere in North America or Europe

Ready to try Dodow?

Are you ready to get started with timed breathing and Dodow? Click here to learn more and order your metronome light system!

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