Sleeping with Dentures

Learning to live with dentures is different for everyone but one of the first questions people ask is if sleeping with dentures is ok. Our team of sleep experts checked the research and put together a quick guide so you can know when it is safe to sleep with your dentures in your mouth.

If you just got your dentures it is not uncommon for your mouth and gums to be sore for a few days. Dentures should typically be worn for at least the first 24 hours after extraction to help heal and seal – almost like a band aid. When you see the dentist again the will seal and clean both the dentures and your gums.

Do Dentures Have to be Removed at Night?

It is recommended that most people remove and clean their dentures every night. Cleaning them and soaking in cleaner all night will extend the life of the teeth and prevent a build up of bacteria and food particles. 

This is very important when the dentures are new and you have sores on your gums since infection so you don’t get sick. Plus, it gives your gums time to reset and get some natural TLC. We recommend making it part of your nightly routine before you go to bed.

Top Reasons Not to Sleep In Dentures

  1. Kill bacteria.
  2. Wash away food.
  3. Extend life of dentures.
  4. Heal gum.

Protecting Your Gums

Keeping you gums healthy while wearing dentures is vital to your oral health. Removing your dentures before bed gives your mouth a chance to heal and relax – plus in the morning they will be clean and disinfected. Studies have also shown that sleeping in your dentures increases plaque, gum disease and other dental problems.

Is it okay to sleep with your dentures?

If you fall asleep in your dentures every now and then you will probably be OK but don’t make it a habit. Taking out your dentures before your wash your face and put on your pajamas is an easy way to remember to put them into cleaner.

Never go more than 24 hours without cleaning your dentures and mouth, even if you sleep in them. If you find yourself wearing your dentures when you wake up in the morning take them out and clean them before breakfast.

Why do you have to take dentures out at night?

Still not sure why you need to take out your dentures at night? Studies have shown sleeping in your dentures increases the chance of pneumonia and other medical complications.

Can you leave partial dentures overnight?

Yes, you can sleep in partial dentures but it is still recommended that you take them out before bed. It helps remove pressure from the gums and prevents other dental problems.

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