About Sleep Insider

We often get asked – What is Sleep Insider? Sleep Insider is your one stop shop for expert news, medical information information, product reviews and other information about sleep!

What is Sleep Insider?

No matter what you are looking for about sleep, from medical information to help getting a better night sleep we simplify the process so you can get a good nights rest.

Who Are We?

Who is the team behind Sleep Insider? Our team is made up of expert sleep experts, bloggers and other people who have a passion for getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. We only feature the best products and our researchers are always on top of the latest medical research so you can focus on living your life!

Our Team of Sleep Experts

Marie Seska

Senior Editor

John Jason

Lead Developer

What do we do here?

The team at Sleep Insider is responsible for research, reviewing and getting the word out about the latest news and information about sleep. We spend at least 20 hours reviewing and researching products, medical conditions plus the latest research while writing our guides, reviews and frequently asked questions.

1. Market Research

Market research to identify the best products, newest research and other market trends to help you sleep better

2. Find our Favorites

Find our favorite reviews, research and the latest trends so you can focus on day to day life – instead of being tired

3. Test it Out

We know you have a busy life. Let our team do the heavy lifting and hard work testing best selling products

4. Write Reviews

Sleep Insider puts it all together in easy to read and understand reviews, buyers guides and sleep tips and tricks

What about Ethics?

We stand by every decision, review and recommendation we make. Each decision is based on our independent editorial findings, reviews and information. We are a member of the Amazon Associates Program, plus a few others, and ear money to keep growing our team and website.