Best Night Lights for Kids

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Night lights are one of the best ways to illuminate your house at night, keeping monsters away from your sleeping kids and giving you security and peace of mind. The dark can be scary for little kids, especially when starting to sleep alone in their room instead of with Mom and Dad!

There are many great night lights for toddlers on the market. Some focus on providing a calm, warming light like the MAZ-TEK LED Night Light while others are made of fun, squish animals like the MOKO Baby Night Light or even display stars on the ceiling like the Rotating Sunnest Star Projector.

Getting a good night’s rest is key for healthy growth and that can’t happen when you child is scared of the boogie man! We tried out all the most popular kid’s nightlight and picked our favorites!

Best Night Lights for Toddlers

Hatch Baby Night Light

A night light, sound machine and time-to-rise alarm in one! Light up the bedroom with custom colors, brightness sound and volume!

Best Smart Night Light for Kids

MAZ-TEK LED Night Light

MAZ-TEK LED Night Lights are an smart, energy efficient option for the bedroom, hallway or bathroom with warm colors from dusk til dawn

Best Kids Night Light Projector

Rotating Sunnest Star Projector

Light up the bedroom and inspire imagination with the night sky on your ceiling in multiple colors with the Rotating Sunnest Star Projector!

Rotating Sunnest Star Projector Review

When I first saw the Rotating Sunnest Star Projector I knew I had to try it in my Son’s room! This is way more than just a nightlight! It displays the night sky and cosmos on the ceiling in black and white, blue, red, green or multi color. It is perfect for use as a nightlight or for late night fun during sleepovers!

Best Star Night Light

The Sunnest Star Projector is controlled by three on board button allowing you to set the perfect color and mood. Unlike many other weaker star projector nightlights the Sunnest has no problem displaying ALL the stars on the ceiling. Since the projector is powered by either 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable you have multiple power options!


  • Powerful multi-color lights
  • Battery and corded power options
  • Displays the night sky in multiple colors


  • No auto shut down means you need to turn it off or let it run all night
  • Some reports of problems with LED lights
  • Batteries do not last all night

The Sunnest Star Projector is controlled by three on board button allowing you to set the perfect color and mood. Unlike many other weaker star projector nightlights the Sunnest has no problem displaying ALL the stars on the ceiling. Since the projector is powered by either 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable you have multiple power options!

Product Specifications

Power: 5w
Power Supply: USB cable or 4 AAA batteries
Bulb Type: LED
Recommended For: Future astronauts

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light Review

The Hatch Baby Rest Night Light is a night light, plus a lot more! When I was a kid a night light was just something your plugged into the wall at night. This night light combines many important features like a sound machine and alarm clock, making it the perfect choice for toddlers that need to wake up at a set time!

Hatch Baby Night Light

Best Smart Night Light

The Hatch Baby Rest Night LIght can be controlled via an app on your phone, or by touch. It is easy to use and alarms can be set without waking your baby up from a nap! Our family set specific colors so the kids know when it is time for bed and time to get up using their favorite colors!


  • Easy to program smart device
  • Control from your phone
  • Programmable schedule
  • Creates the ideal sleep environment for children with sounds and lights


  • Delicate Micro USB port
  • Firmware updates
  • Occasionally turns off

The Hatch Night Light might not be for babies and newborns, but it is a great option of toddlers that are learning a bedtime routine!

Product Specifications

Power: 5w
Power Supply: Wall plugin, no batteries
Bulb Type: Multi Colored LED
Recommended For: Toddlers learning to sleep alone

MAZ-TEK LED Night Light Review

MAZ-TEK LED Night Lights are perfect for any room in the house. We like to use them to set the mood in the kitchen and living room as well as illuminate the halls near the kids! Automate smart light sensors detect sunrise and sunset and adjust to fit the room. With 8 different color options you can find the perfect color for any situation!
MAZ-TEK Night Lights

Best LED Night Light

Stop running into things in the night. Light up any room or hallway of the house with soft, gentle light. These lights naturally blend well in any home, condo or townhouse and can match any color scheme!


  • 8 color options
  • Auto on/off sensors
  • Energy efficient LED lightbulbs
  • Last over 20,000 hours


  • Faint buzzing noise
  • Some colors are very bright

The MAZ-TEK is the perfect night light for families looking to light up their home at night to keep away monsters!

Product Specifications

Voltage: 110V
Power Supply: Wall plugin, no batteries
Bulb Type: Multi LED colored
Colors: White or RBG colors
Recommended For: Families with small kids

Maxxima Mini Green Always On LED Night Light Review

Always on night lights like the Maxxima Mini Green are a good alternative for people that wake up multiple times per night and don’t want harsh white light waking them. New parents, pregnant women and people with bladder problems all know what it is like to be get up every few hours and have a bright light in your eyes! Green LEDs are a less distracting and stressful way to light up your bathroom or hallway without white lights!

Stop bumping into stings in the dark with help from the Maxxima Green LED

Best Always On LED Night Light

The Maxxima Mini Green may not be popular with kids, but if you are a parent with sleep problems that has to wake up multiple times per night try switching to these always on lights!


  • Dusk and Dawn automated sensors
  • Slim design fits any home or apartment
  • Bright enough to light up any room or hall


  • Always on design is not for everyone
  • Some reports of problems with flashing lights

Light up dark hall ways, restroom and bedrooms with a soft, always on green LED night light!

Product Specifications

Wattage: .25
Power Supply: Wall plugin, no batteries
Bulb Type: LED
Colors: Green
Recommended For: New parents

ANGTUO Baby LED Mushroom Night Lamp Review

Not every night light needs to sit in a wall socket. The ANGTUO Baby LED Mushroom Night Lamp is a fun way to light up your childs room while they fall asleep. The light sits on a nightstand, dresser or desk and passively illuminates the room with 16 colors and 4 different modes. It can be programmed to remember your favorite settings or be controlled from across the room with a wireless remote!

Mushroom Night Lights

Best Mushroom Night Lights

The Mushroom Night Light is perfect for kids of all ages. The BPA free construction is safe to leave on all night and makes no noise, unlike cheaper night lights that buzz or hum. We like turning every day items around the house like night lights into fun shapes like Mushrooms to inspire imagination and curiosity!


  • 16 colors and 4 light modes
  • Fun mushroom design that spreads light 360 degrees
  • Natural wood and BPA free design
  • Squishy, fun to play with top
  • Totally silent


  • Bulb is difficult to replace
  • Only stores one light setting

Mushroom Night Lights are a fun way to prepare your child for a good night of sleep. We like to use our to read a book before bed, then leave it on as our kids fall asleep. Right before bed we stop by their room and turn it off using the remote to save power!

Product Specifications

Input: 85V to 265V
Power Supply: Wall plugin or batteries
Bulb Type: LED
Colors: 16 colors
Recommended For: Kids that love babies!

MOKOQI Cat Baby Night Light Review

Cat night light are always a popular choice with kids, especially girls! The MOKOQI Cat Baby Night Light is our pick as the best cat night light for kids! It is made from BPA-free Silicone so it is fun (and safe!) to touch but still durable enough to last through rough play sessions. This night light has 8 colors and 3 dis play modes, plus a warm white light option to help set the mood while sleeping.

Got a child that loves cats and need a new night light?

Best White Light Night Lights

It is no secret that little kids can be sticky! The MOKOQI Baby Night light is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about what it looks like after a night camping in the back yard. With 15 hours of run time plus a quick recharge it is not secret while kids and parents alike love this night lamp!


  • 8 colors plus warm white light
  • 15 hours of run time
  • BPA-free silicone top
  • Battery powered
  • Totally silent


  • Needs regular recharging
  • No replaceable battery

The MOKOQI is the perfect choice for kids that love to read in bed or are always on an adventure. Having a portable night light that can quickly be recharged via Micro USB makes traveling much easier and bed time that much more fun for the entire family!

Product Specifications

Power: .4W
Input: 5V
Power Supply: Rechargeable Micro USB or 1200mAH lithium battery
Bulb Type: LED
Colors: 8 colors and 3 modes
Recommended For: Best kids that love cats!

Best Night Light Under $20 - SOAIY Sleep Soother Review

The SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp may not looks like what your expect when you open the box! Our family quickly fell in love with both the LED projections and relaxing nighttime noises! At first we had in the kid’s room but eventually moved it into the den for a nighttime light show! Just be careful, this product is fragile and might not survive a fall from the dresser.

SOAIY Sleep Soother

Best Night Lights Under $20

Night lights with speakers and lights shows are not for everyone. If your child has ADD, night terrors or other sleeping problems extra distractions might not be a good idea! The SOAIY shows red, green, blue and multi colored displays that will excite imaginations and send you peacefully to sleep!


  • 8 RGB color modes with FDA approved class III laser
  • 45 degree tilt to display light anywhere
  • Audio plug to play music from phones


  • Lights may be too bright for some
  • May not cover ceilings in large rooms
  • Inconsistent audio at times

My favorite feature of the SOAIY is that it you can plug in your own music straight from your iPhone! I like to set the auto shut off at 1 hour and drift off to bed! I found it much better than falling asleep with the TV.

Product Specifications

Voltage: 4 volts
Wattage: 1.5 volts
Power Supply: Corded electric Bulb Type: Multi color LED
Colors: 8 RGB color modes
Recommended For: Best galaxy night light

Best Music Player Night Light - LBell Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Review

Some people love falling asleep around the water. The LBell Ocean Wave Projector Night Light displays waves on the wall as your peacefully fall asleep to your favorite music from your phone or TF card. It can be controlled from a the unit or from across the room with the remote. The mini-speaker is just powerful enough fill a normal sized bedroom with music.

Inspire imagination with the Ocean Wave Night Light


  • 12 LED colors for interesting wall designs
  • Play music from audio cable or TF card
  • Multiple sleep settings


  • Pre loaded sound clip is short and repeats
  • Two AAA batteries may not last all weekend on camping trips
  • Slight grinding noise when not playing music

Product Specifications

Wattage: .5 watts
Power Supply: Corded electric or AAA batteries
Bulb Type: LED
Colors: 12 lights
Recommended For: Best multi color LED night light

Night Light Buying Guide

Time it buy a night light and not sure which model to pick? There are hundreds of models online and in stores, finding the right one for your hallway or bathroom comes down to knowing what features you need! Some traditional models are just a hallway light that fits into a normal wall socket. Other more advanced (and expensive) models can play music from your phone, run off batteries and display stars or ocean waves on the ceiling!

Keys to picking the right Night Light

  • Power supply – Decide if you are looking for a plug in, corded or battery powered light
  • Music – If you need tunes to fall asleep make sure to get a light with good speakers and a dependable power supply
  • Light option – Want to put on a show before bed? Choose a night light that can wow with multiple LED lights
  • Sleep timer – Some people don’t want the light on all night. If that sounds like you make sure to get a model with a sleep setting