HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine Review

Fall asleep to one of six soothing white noise sounds

Some people just hate falling asleep in total silence – they need some kind of noise on in the background and that is where the HoMedic White Noise Machine comes into action. Sleeping with a TV on might work but the dialog, action and colors and be too much to fall asleep – especially if it is your favorite movie! White noise is the perfect background to avoid silence without distracting you from sleep. In this article we reviewed one of the most popular machines on the market – the Homedic White Noise Machine and checked out the specifications, pros and cons, trial and warranty plus customer reviews!

HoMedic Specifications

Specification Information
Dimensions 6.5 x 6 x 2 inches
Power Source Wall socket or 4 ‘AA’ batteries
Timer Options 15, 30 and 60 minute timers
Variations White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook
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HoMedic White Noise Machine

HoMedic White Noise Machine

Struggling to block out environmental noise while you are trying to fall asleep – then you need a white noise machine! The HoMedic Sleep Machine can play 6 different white noise variations and can be used in your bedroom or on the go!

6 Sleep Sounds

Try out 6 different white noises to find your personal favorite for falling asleep.

Wall Socket or Battery Power

Plug it into a wall socket while at home or use batteries on the go in a hotel, the in-laws or while camping.

Auto Shut Off Timer

Set a timer and fall asleep – the machine will turn itself off so you don’t use electricity all night long

Perfect for Babies

Newborns – and kids of all ages – love to fall asleep to the soothing, all natural sounds

HoMedic Trial & Warranty


1 year manufacturers warranty covering basic defects and use


No trial period

Refunds & Returns

Refunds and returns are processed via Amazon

HoMedic Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Costs

Shipping is included with your Amazon order total

How is it Shipped?

HoMedic machines are sent in discreet packaging

Where does HoMedic ship?

HoMedic ships anywhere in North America or Europe

How To Use The HoMedic

Not sure how to use a white noise machine like the HoMedic? We put together a quick 4 step guide so you can see how effective they are the first night you plug it in! Let’s check out some of our favorite tips and trifcks for falling asleep with eh HoMedic White Noise Sleep Machine.

  1. Start getting ready for bed with your normal nightly routine
  2. Power on the HoMedic unit with the batteries or wall socket power and place on your nightstand
  3. Crawl into bed the reach over and tap the machine to turn it on and begin
  4. Fall asleep listening to your favorite white noise variation – don’t worry the unit will turn off after an hour

Customer Reviews

Knowing what reviews to trust online these days is hard! We checked out HoMedic reviews on some of the most popular websites like Amazon, BBB and Consumer Reports to see if there are any reported problems, defects or recalls you need to be aware of! Overall reviews across the web are positive and there are few reported problems!

Amazon – 4.5/5
BBB – A+
Consumer Reports – 4/5

Positive vs Negative Reviews

Our Final Say

In the end we think that the HoMedic is an excellent choice for use at home or on the road. Using white noise to fall asleep is a great way to block out the noises around you and catch some shut eye!

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Marie Seska

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