The Top 3 Zyppah Alternatives

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Researching snoring mouthpieces for your snoring problem? Trying to find out if the Zyppah mouth guard is right for you or if you should go with an alternative? How does the Zyppah stack up against other mouthpieces and CPAP machines? We put the Zyppah – and the competition – with it’s elastic tongue to the test to see if it really can eliminate snoring once and for all!

There are a lot of Zyppah competitors out there – some more effective at stopping snoring than others. If you are a good shopper (or desperate for a silent night) you have probably compared Zyppah and SnoreRX. Lets take an indepth look and see which MAD mouthpiece is best for you! We did that hard work by comparing all the important aspects of both mouthpieces side by side so you can make a fair comparison.

Zyppah SnoreRX
Effective stopping snoring Yes! Yes!
Pricing $99.95 $99
Comfort level
The Zyppah is very comfortable and will not cause any problems falling asleep
SnoreRX is the most comfortable snoring mouthpiece due to its customizations
Customer service
Custom teeth impressions Zyppah does not offer custom mouth and teeth impressions SnoreRX creates custom teeth impressions with the boil and bite method
Adjustable sizing Yes, adjustable to 1mm

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Our Final Opinion

SleepRX is just as effective at stopping snoring as Zyppah but is more comfortable and provides a better night rest due to custom teeth imprints and adjustable sizing.

Marie Seska

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