National Nap Day

National Nap Day is March 15th in 2021!

National Nap Day may not be an official holiday, but there are plenty of people around the world that make sure to celebrate every year! It is observed every year on the day after the return of daylight saving time. 

Taking a nap in the afternoon is the perfect way to finish off a big meal at lunch and relax if you lost an hour of sleep the prior night. Lack of sleep can make you cranky – as well as cause several short and long term health problems. Be sure to mark your calendars so you won’t forget and can take advantage of some much needed z’s!

When is National Nap Day?

Year Date
Last Year - 2018 March 12th, 2019
This Year - 2019 March 11th, 2019
Next Year - 2020 March 9th, 2019
In 5 Years - 2024 March 13th, 2019

National nap day is celebrated on the second Monday of March every year – which also happens to be known as the day after the return of daylight savings time in the spring.

The exact date shifts from day to day depending on the year – in 2021 the holiday will be on March 15 so be sure to mark your calendar and have a comfortable place to take a nap – we recommend a bed or a big couch.

How Can I Celebrate?

Not sure how to celebrate National Nap Day next year on March 15th – don’t worry we are here to help! All you need to celebrate this restful holiday is a place to sleep and some free time. We recommend napping in the afternoon (after a big lunch) but other good times include before lunch and after dinner if you plan on staying up late.

History of the Holiday

The history behind this beloved yet little known holiday dates back to 1999 when William and Camille Anthony decided they wanted to commemorate one of our favorite past times – taking an afternoon nap. What better day to catch up on sleep than the same day that you spring forward an hour? The Monday after Daylight Savings Time in the Spring was chosen since most people are feeling the effects of moving their clock an hour forward and losing some sleep!

Quick Facts & FAQ

Sleep deprivation can have harmful effects on your short and long term health. We love taking naps because –

  • Short naps can increase alertness later in the day
  • Naps help set a routine for young children and the elderly
  • Shift workers and night owls can catch some extra rest during awake during the day

There is no “best length” of time for a nap. Setting an alarm can make sure you wake up after 30 minutes or an hour but if you have been sick of feeling like you need extra rest it might be best to sleep until you wake up naturally.

Essential Napping Gear

Not sure you have what it takes to celebrate National Nap Day? Most people tend to keep busy with their lives that they forget these simple holidays that are essential to the well being of your health. Don’t overthink these types of things! National Napping Day can be celebrated anywhere and with anyone – all you need is to take a nap! We recommend a comfortable bed but a couch, recliner, hammock or sleeping bag can also work. Some people even like to celebrate in their car during their lunch break!

Marie Seska

Marie Seska

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