10 Best Alarm Clocks for Kids

Every parent knows just how hard it can be get get your kids our of bed and ready for the day – but what happened to a good old fashioned alarm clock?

Are you a parent like me that struggles to get the kids out of bed and on their way to school? It might be time to put some additional responsibility on your kids with the fun of a new alarm clock! Creating and sticking with a morning routine can be difficult with growing kids – our team of experts did the research and put together a list of our 10 favorite models for toddlers, kids and teens!

The Top 10 Alarms

Don’t have time to shop around for a new alarm clock for you kid but still want to get a great bargain. Check out our list of our favorite alarms for children of all ages!







LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Sleep Trainer 1 to 8 A/C Power
FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock 1 to 5 1800mAh battery
Betus Robot Alarm Clock 3 to 12 AAA batteries
Mirari Teach Me Time! 2 to 5 USB or AA batteries
Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels 8 to 18 AAA batteries
Disney Cogsworth Clock from Beauty and The Beast 10+ AA batteries
Denshine Flying Helicopter Novelty Alarm Clock 8 to 18 AA batteries
Tock The Learning Clock 1 to 5 ?
Darth Vader Alarm Clock 10+ AAA batteries

1. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Sleep Trainer


The LittleHippo Mella is my personal pick for the best sleep trainer for kids. It was crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2017 and has seen explosive growth ever since!

The alarm uses emoji like facial expressions plus a color lighting system to help train your little one when it is time to get up and start their day – so you can stay in bed and get some extra rest!

Let’s check out some of my other favorite features!

Most importantly the body of the clock is made from child safe ABS and silicone – meaning you don’t have to worry about BPA! In addition to the alarm clock the LittleHippo Mella also can play sleep sounds (white noise, ocean and lullaby), light up the room as a night light and countdown for time out!

2. FiveHome Kids Alarm Clock


The FiveHome alarm clock is my favorite pick for families with kids that are “difficult” to wake up. The nature sounds and cooling color displays are the perfect way to ease into the day and start getting ready for school.

This alarm clock is battery powered and comes with rechargeable batteries (1 LR44 battery). At first I was hesitant to include an alarm without a dedicated power source since I hate oversleeping by the FiveHome is a breeze to use! The batteries last for multiple days – as long as you are not using the colored lights and recharging is quick and easy.

4 brightness levels plus the option to set 2 alarms (weekday and weekend) make this the perfect choice for families with a busy schedule. The dual alarms make sure you are awake at the right time and the adjustable nightlight is perfect for nighttime reading.

3. Betus Robot Alarm Clock


Need a first alarm for your son, grandson, nephew or other toddler aged boy that love robots – then you are in luck. The Betus Robot Alarm clock is a fun way to start getting little boys into a daily routine with one of their favorites plus no need to worry about that annoying ticking sound.

Growing up in a house full of boys can be tough – especially when it comes to building a daily routine. I think of of the most effective ways is to make your new sleep schedule interesting with fun toys like robots! This robot is super simple to setup and is powered by 2 AAA batteries. When it is time to wake up the eyes flash and your alarm will sound! Available in both red and yellow to fit any style – just be careful there is only 1 alarm volume and the arms can twist off!

4. Mirari Teach Me Time!


Turning an alarm clock into a game is a fun way to start creating a schedule and telling time! The Mirari Tech Me Time is one of my favorite picks for toddlers that are starting to use an alarm clock and like to sleep with a night light in their room – plus it can be powered by a USB cord so no need for replacing batteries!

The Mirari may look like your basic children’s alarm but it is actually so much more! Toddlers love the color changing display and the hidden parental controls make setting the clock and alarm a breeze – just beware if your child sleeps in the dark the lights are really bright!

5. Clocky Runaway Alarm


Trouble getting out of bed? Then you need a run away alarm clock – Clocky. This small, 2 wheeled robot will wake you up every morning by rolling off your nightstand and hiding somewhere in the nearby area. Worried about the fall – it is safe to use on wood floors!

Millions of us struggle to get out of bed, especially if we work the early shift or have to get the family up and ready for the day – every day. Lucky for us the Clocky Runaway Alarm clock is here to roll around the room every morning! It sounds a little bit like R2D2 from Star Wars and the chirping won’t stop until you turn it off!

6. Disney Cogsworth Alarm Clock


It is no secret that I love Disney movies – especially animated ones with music! This Cogsworth clock is a fun gift for the Beauty and the Best lover in your family! Just be careful – it can be a little hard for kids to read.

Character clocks are a fun way to spice up a kids room – or as an interesting item in a collection. This Disney clock measures in at 10” H x 6” W x 2 3/4” D and does require some setup (the pendulum needs to be attached). It is made with a fake wood finish and is the perfect Christmas or Birthday present. Sensitive sleepers beware – this clock can tick!

7. Denshine Flying Helicopter Alarm Clock


The Denshire Flying Alarm is a fun (and interesting) way to make sure you are up at the right time every morning. When your alarm the top “helicopter” flies across your room and does not stop beeping until placed back on the main unit – roommates beware!

Are you one of the millions of people that struggles to get up every morning – then you sound just like my family! One of the best ways to guarantee you are awake and out of bed is to track down this flying alarm every morning. When it is time to start the day (or end your nap) the spinner top will fly across the room for you to go find. Can’t find it and want a few extra minutes of rest – don’t worry there is a snooze button on the base!

8. Tock The Learning Clock


It is not every day you find a toy that teaches kids something useful in life. Tock the Learning Alarm Clock introduces the youngest members of your family to the world of time!

Getting your little on a schedule with the rest of the world is a big part of growing up. Studies have shown that turning learning into fun way to keep learning interesting for little kids. If you are helping your little one learn to tell time check out Tock the Learning Alarm!

9. Darth Vader Alarm Clock


Dun dun dun dun dun dun – it is time to wake up with help from Darth Vader! This 9.5 inch alarm clock is the perfect gift for kids and collectors! It looks great as decoration on a nightstand for kids of any age!

Alarm Clock Buying Guide

Finding the best alarm for a kid can be tough – especially if they are sensitive sleepers. Unfortunately everyone has to start waking up on their own as some time. Our team at Sleep Insider did the leg work so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find a good clock. If you are still not sure which model is right try asking yourself these 5 questions!

Snooze or No Snooze

Before you start shopping think if you want a snooze button on your alarm. Some people like to use the Snooze function and can still get out of bed on time. Others will keep pushing the Snooze button until noon! Start by thinking if your little one needs it – it will add a little extra to the cost!

Ticking or No Ticking

Tick tock tick tock. Some alarm clocks make a ticking noise that is just loud enough to keep you up all night. Sensitive sleepers beware! When in doubt we recommend buying a silent alarm – especially for children!

Extra Features

Some alarms are just that – alarm clocks while others are multi functional collectibles. Before shopping for your next clock think about any extra features like nightlights or learning functionality that you might want!

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