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Shopping for a GhostBed Alternative?

Don’t fall for the hype and advertising –
find our why our I recommend choosing an alternative mattress!

One of the most popular bed in a box companies is GhostBed – but are they really the best online mattress company? Finding all the information on pricing, warranty and material in one place can be tough, so we did some searching and put together the most in depth guide on the net!

Keeping track of the best mattresses is tough – especially with new competitors launching every month. My personal favorite GhostBed competitor is Nectar. Is GhostBed a bad pick – No but you can get a better mattress and save some money with one of my favorite alternative.

GhostBed Mattress Comparisons

GhostBed Nectar
Pricing Starting at $795 Less than $800
Warranty 20 year warranty Forever warranty
Trial Period 101 day home trial 365 day trial
Thickness Between 11.5" and 12" 11 inches
Material Multi layer memory foam Memory Foam
Breathability ? Extra breathable base layer
Motion Transfer
Firmness ?
Made in USA? Made in the USA Made in the USA & Canada
Shipping Free Shipping and Returns Free Shipping - Deliver in 3 to 5 Days
Overall Rating

Why Nectar instead of GhostBed?

When I hear of a friend shopping for an online mattress and starting looking at GhostBed the first thing I do is pick up my phone and tell them to check out Nectar. Why Nectar? Simply put – you get a whole lot more bed for your money!

What is Wrong with GhostBed?

Is there something wrong with mattresses from GhostBed? No! But why spend your hard earned money on a so called “luxury mattress” that is not super comfortable? We all know a good night of rest is key to kicking off the day right so invest in a comfortable mattress that works with your body – not against it!

Popular GhostBed Alternatives

Worried that a GhostBed is not right for you but unsure of the alternatives? Don’t worry – there are a few market leading manufacturers that ship beds directly to your front door! My personal favorites are Nectar, Leesa, Casper and Avocado but make sure to shop around for your favorite!

GhostBed Negative Reviews

We did some digging and found a few negative reviews of GhostBeds from across the net. Overall the mattresses seem to be well made (and most of the reviews on their website and Facebook page support this) but we did find a few reoccurring problems that you should keep be aware of before purchasing!

  • Short return and refund policy
  • Tends to sleep "hot"
  • Firmer than most people expect
  • Reports of the middle of mattress sinks after a few months with visible indentation

GhostBed Complaints

We checked out over 50 complaints and negative reviews from popular websites like Amazon, Consumer Reports and the BBB to find and analyze real user reviews. Most of the complaints we found talked about three common problems – sinking over time (aka foam failure), the short trial period and an increase in morning back and neck pain.

  • 100 day trial does not give enough time to adjust
  • Center of mattress sinks for "heavier" users
  • Starts too hard then becomes too soft
  • Poor customer service when dealing with problems

What about the Competition?

Competition is fierce in the mattress world – both online and in physical stores. Luckily for you this means high quality and low prices on all styles and sizes of beds. Just don’t fall for the advertising of so called “luxury” brands.

  • Great deals on higher quality mattresses sold in physical stores
  • Easy delivery
  • Constant discounts and coupons - especially around Black Friday and Christmas

Let Us Help Pick Your Next Mattress

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If you are moving into your first home or looking for a new bed after all those years – shopping online is easy!

An Apartment Mattress

Make your new apartment feel like a real home with a brand new mattress – just make sure to find the right style!

A Dorm Mattress

Sleeping in a dorm does not have to be uncomfortable. Invest in a good night of rest so you are ready for class!

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Why do I like Nectar?

CERTIPUR-US® Certification

Worried about the materials used to make your mattress. The CERTIPUR-US® lets you know that your new bed is safe!

365 Day Trial & Return Policy

It can be hard to get a good feel for a new bed without sleeping on it for awhile – plus what if something goes wrong?

CERTIPUR-US® Certification

Worried about the materials used to make your mattress. The CERTIPUR-US® lets you know that your new bed is safe!

365 Day Trial & Return Policy

It can be hard to get a good feel for a new bed without sleeping on it for awhile – plus what if something goes wrong?

How do they Ship a Bed?

Never ordered a mattress online and not sure how it works? Plus what if I don’t like the bed and want to send it back? Don’t worry these are some of our most commonly asked questions for first time buyers!

Nectar mattresses come in a compressed box (with easy carry handles). Once you unseal the box the bed will expand to its full size in a few minutes.

What about...

Temperature Control

Maintain a steady (comfortable) temperature all night thanks to gel foam and tencel wicking.

Sleeping with a Partner

Does your partner toss and turn all night? No problem! 0 Motion transfer across the bed

Dust Mites & Bed Bugs

Mites and bugs can ruin a mattress – fortunately the cover and gel prevent them from digging in!

At Home Delivery Option

Order online – get it delivered in a few days! It comes in a box and is ready in minutes!

Want to try a Nectar Mattress?

Hi I am Marie – the sleep and mattress expert at Sleep Insider! My team and I did countless hours of research and put together this mattress guide to help you find the right bed in a box mattress! Why should you trust our guide? Simple – we reviewed all of the most popular brands when making our decision and put together a list of our top picks!

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