How Long Does Melatonin Last?

Trying to find out how long Melatonin lasts so you can take the correct amount and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning? There is no worse feeling than waking up late in the morning due to oversleeping because of your sleep aid!

Finding the right amount of Melatonin is key to waking up on time and avoid common side effects like grogginess and headaches.

How Long does Melatonin Last in your System

Want to know how long Melatonin will last in your system after taking a pill before bed?

The answer will depend on a few factors like:

  • Amount of Melatonin
  • Body weight
  • Tolerance
  • Fluid intake
  • Your metabolism

The biggest factor will always be the amount of Melatonin you took, if it was quick release or time delayed, The more milligrams the longer it will be in your system. Melatonin has a short life of about 5 hours so it does not stay in your system long but be careful, a small dose goes a long way! Some studies have shown adults need as little as 150 micro-grams to fall asleep faster.

Smaller doses have shown to be just as effective as large ones and cause less side effects in the morning! Instead of taking large doses of Melatonin try taking your normal dose, using a sleep mask and not drinking and caffeine after dark!

In the Bloodstream

Melatonin last even less time in the bloodstream, sometimes leaving the plasma in as little as an hour! Remember, there is little benefit to taking larger doses as you feel most of the effects in the first 30 minutes, not to mention the short half life. Instead of doubling up on your nightly dose, try finding other ways to get better sleep!

How long to kick in?

Melatonin kicks in fast! Only take some if you are ready to go to bed, don’t try to “time” it! There are many factors that effect how long it takes for Melatonin to start working but you should start to feel something after 20 to 30 minutes.

Fall Asleep Faster!

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Side Effects Duration

Wake up in the morning feeling some of the common side effects of Melatonin like grogginess, headaches, body aches and cramping? Most of the side effects will pass in a few hours! If you want the effects to pass a quicker try drinking some water and eating breakfast. We recommend a hearty meal of eggs and bacon with a side of orange juice to start every day off right.

How long does melatonin make you sleep?

Melatonin’s duration largely depends on the amount taken.

Size by mg Duration
.5 mg 1 hour
1 mg 2 hours
2 mg 3 hours 
3 mg 4 hours 
4 mg 6 hours 
5 mg 6 hours 
10 mg 7 hours 

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