Best Eye Masks for Sleep

Updated: 1/11/2018

Using an eye mask is a great way to get some sleep in a bright or busy environment, or just to get a better night sleep in your own home. If you are looking for a way to cover your eyes at night and your blanket is not getting the job done try using an eye mask to get better sleep. 

What is a sleep mask?​

The idea of putting a mask over your face may seem counterproductive to getting more sleep but when the mask is made of a soft breathable material with just the right fit it can actually block incoming light and keep you asleep for longer.

The best eye masks for sleeping should rest comfortably on your face, apply the right amount of pressure around your eyes and block out all incoming natural and artificial light.

Best Eye Masks for Sleep



Our top rated eye mask for getting a good night sleep is the ALASKA BEAR. This mask truly lets you sleep like a bear in busy environments like when traveling or if you just need some help getting total darkness at home!

Best Eye Masks for Flying

Kfine 3D

Kfine 3D Sleep Mask

If you spend a lot of time in airports then you know how hard it can be to get some sleep. Our favorite eye mask for flying on a plane is the Kfine 3D Sleep Mask. The Kfine sleep is tough enough to block all light while remaining comfortable. 

Best Eye Masks for Travel

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk Travel Eye Mask

Traveling is an easy way to mess up your circadian rhythm and ruin your sleep cycle. The  Grand Trunk Travel Eye Mask is our favorite eye mask when we hit the road for business trips or vacation so we always wake up feeling refreshed.

ALASKA BEAR® Eye Mask Review

The ALASKA BEAR Silk Eye Mask is one of the most comfortable sleeping masks available. The mask is made of mulberry silk on both sides for added breath-ability and comfort while still blocking light and creating a perfect sleeping environment.


Best Silk Sleep Mask

Our favorite sleep mask is the ALASKA BEAR silk sleep mask. We picked this mask as our favorite for one simple reason, it was really comfortable and gave us a great night sleep!

The ALASKA BEAR eye mask is made of pure Mulberry silk which felt great on our face while sleeping. The hypoallergenic silk had the perfect blend of breath-ability while still remaining thick enough to block out the morning sun. Even when we test the mask with the lights on the ALASKA BEAR blocked all the light!

Another feature that we found useful that is missing from other sleep masks is the dual strap system. I toss and turn at night and even wake up in my sleep and take off uncomfortable sleep masks but the two straps fit around my head and were tight enough to provide a good fit while not being too tight.

Material: Mulberry Silk
Straps: 2 Strap System
Recommended For: Deep Sleep

Sleep Restoration Natural Silk Sleep Mask Review

The ​Sleep Restoration Natural Silk Sleep Mask is another one of my favorite sleep masks. This mask is made of lightweight silk that sits naturally on your face while sleeping while still providing a dark environment.

Sleep Restoration

​Best Sleep Mask for Back Sleepers

The Sleep Restoration Natural Silk Sleep Mask is an excellent choice if you are a problem sleeper that needs a completely dark environment from a light weight sleep mask.

During our night sleep test we really like the airflow provided by the lightweight silk that was perfect for someone with dry eyes. While the single strap in the back may prove to be a problem if you toss and turn at night we were able to tighten it around the back of our head and sleep all night without a problem.

Material: Mulberry Silk
Straps: 1 adjustable strap
Recommended For: Natural Sleepers​

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask Review

The Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask is another popular sleep mask that provides total darkness while sleeping on your side, back, stomach or with your partner! This mask is designed for eye and sleep comfort with special considerations given to rubbing and compression.

Jersey Sleep

​Best Sleep Mask for Sensitive Eyes

The Jersey Sleep mask was designed specifically for people with sensitive eyes that have trouble with the rubbing, tightness and lack of air flow from other sleep masks. 

The enhanced silk felt soothing to our skin and made falling asleep easy. In the past I have had problems with masks being too tight or too loose but the Jersey Sleep Mask fit around my head comfortably all night. My favorite part was that I was still able to blink freely while wearing the mask!

Material: Hypoallergenic Silk​
Strap: Elastic Strap
Recommended For: Sensitive Eyes

Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask Review

If you have sensitive eyes and needs a mask that provides total darkness and ​no pressure on your eye lids the Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask may be the best contoured sleep mask for you. Contoured sleep mask look like swimming goggles and have built in structure around the eyes that keeps material off your eye lids while shielding you from incoming light.

Bedtime Bliss

​Best Contoured Sleep Mask

The Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask with with Moldex Ear Plugs gives wearers a dark, quiet environment that shields the eyes from light and material contact.

While the material is thicker and firmer than silk it still perfectly contours to the face and the adjustable Velcro strap does not cause a bump in the back.​

The eye mask and ear plug combo makes this a great option for falling asleep with a partner that likes to watch TV, while on your break at work or in any other busy environment that gives you trouble sleeping.​

Material: Soft Foam
Straps: Adjustable Velcro
Recommended For: Difficult Environments​

Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask Review

Molded sleep masks like the Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask are an excellent choice for people with sensitive eyes that can't have the contact from silk masks. The eye cups of the Lonfrote mask block all incoming light while giving the wearer enough room to open their eyes, blink and feel comfortable.​

Lonfrote Sleep Mask

Best Molded Sleep Mask

The Lonfrote Star Moon Sleep Mask gave us a great night sleep, and we looked great doing it! These star and moon print molded sleep mask blocked all incoming light without feeling like we were wearing a scuba mask.

While the material may be thicker than silk the molded eye cups ensure that no material will make contact with any part of your eye at night, allowing you to get a good night sleep.

Material: Molded Sponge Foam
Strap: ​Elastic Strap
Recommended For: Deep Sleepers

Sleep Masks Blindfold Review

​A superlight weight and easy to sleep in sleep mask is the Sleep Masks Blindfold. This sleep blindfold may not block all the light from your eyes but it is a great choice if you need a little help blocking some light at night.

Sleep Masks

Best Lightweight Sleep Mask

Not every night calls for a full sleep mask. Sometimes a light sleep mask like the ​Sleep Masks Blindfold provides all the protection you need from incoming light.

This mask has small modules for the eyes and is held in place by a velcro strap.​ Modular sleep mask are ideal for avoiding compressed eyes, dry eyes and other sleep problems.

​Material: Soft Foam
Straps: Velcro
Recommended For: Travelers and Workers

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