Bear Mattress Review

Finally a bed built for active people! SEE MATTRESS Bear Mattresses are one of the most popular choices for people looking to buy an online mattress. Both the Mixed Foam and Hybrid styles are super comfortable and the perfect way to fall asleep after a busy, active day. Not sure where to begin when shopping … Read more

Sleeping with Sciatica – 13 Tips & Tricks

Sleeping with Sciatica can be tough – unless you know how to manage the pain with the right sleeping positions and other tips and tricks. Sciatica is a painful inflammation of the sciatic nerve that can make sleeping and other day to day activities difficult. Many people report having to re-learn how to do common … Read more

What Is REM Sleep?

There two main types of sleep, or ways of sleeping. The first is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and the other is non-REM. It’s during REM sleep that we dream, although only about 25% of our time sleeping is spent in this state. What does REM stand for? REM, also known as paradoxical sleep, stands for … Read more

3 Best Sleep Positions to Stop Snoring

Snoring can make sleeping difficult for you and your partner but laying in the best position for stopping snoring can help prevent nighttime snoring and give your family a quiet, relaxing night of sleep. The loud vibrations, coughing and choking can cause quite a distraction, some times for people trying to sleep on the other … Read more

How to Stay Awake At Work

How to Stay Awake at Work

Staying awake while working the night shift is never easy, especially if it is not your regular work schedule. Staying alert while you are on the job is important to supporting your family, advancing your career and even staying safe if you work a job that involves heavy machinery or manual labor. If you are … Read more

How to Stop Drooling in My Sleep

No one wants to admit they drool in their sleep, after all how embarrassing to wake up on a wet pillow! There are many reasons you might find yourself drooling at night, some more serious than others. Keep reading to learn more about stopping night time drooling and find out what might be making your … Read more