How Do Fish Sleep at Night?

How do fish sleep

Ever wondered how your fish fall asleep at night? Fish, just like other animals, require sleep however when they take a nap it looks completely different than falling asleep in your bed at home! While it might seem like your goldfish is always swimming around the tank it needs sleep to rest and recover every … Read more

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep?

How long do you think you can do without sleeping? Many people wonder how long humans can go without sleep! Just like food, water and shelter humans need sleep! It lets us refresh our bodies and minds and wake up prepared for the next day. Current World Record The current world record for staying awake … Read more

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia is actually best thought of as a symptom and not necessarily as a disorder. This is because there is always an underlying reason for sleep loss. In other words, your sleep loss can usually be traced back to a cause, which is a good thing: it allows us to attempt to remove that cause and therefore … Read more

Is Warm Milk Good for Sleeping

Having trouble falling asleep and wondering if warm milk is good for sleeping? Many people remember their parents giving them a glass of warm milk to help to sleep when they were younger but are not sure if it actually worked or if it was just another sleep myth. There are many old wives tales … Read more