Hearing Voices at Night Before Sleeping

For a few months I thought I was hearing voices at night before sleeping! These voices kept me up well past my bedtime night after night. I started to wonder if I was hearing my neighbors voices or if I was hearing auditory hallucinations. After awhile they voices seem to go away and I just to fall asleep without hearing anything but I could never figure out the cause!

Sometimes the voices are coming from in the same room while other times they sound more distant. A few times I have been able to hear some phrases or make sense of names but it usually sounded like random words.

Since I live alone I wanted to find out where the noises were coming from and make sure I was not crazy! I did not feel like theses noises were hallucinations, but my neighbors are also quiet people! After ruling out ghost and other paranormal activity I began to look around for other causes.

Common Causes of Nightly Voices


After reading around online I found one of the most common causes of nightly voices is your neighbors! The walls in some apartments, town homes and condos can be very thin, allowing you to hear conversations next door! If you think this might be the cause of your voices try to figure out which direction the noises are coming from and ask your neighbors to keep it down after dark.


The second most common causes of night time voices is your roommates! If you live with a roommate or in other group housing like a dorm you know just how loud it is at night. Try asking your roommates to be more considerate if they are up late at night, or try a pair a earplugs to block the noise! Most people will respect your need for sleep or else you might want to start looking for a new place to live!

Practical Joker

Do these voices seem to always be calling your name or know weird information about you? They might be coming from a practical joker looking for a quick laugh by calling out to you through the air vents! Next time the voices show up check what your roommates and friends are up to and you might catch someone in the act.

Spirits and Ghosts

Not everyone believes in the supernatural but Spirits, Ghosts and other beings have been know to call out. While scientists have never confirmed the actual existence of these spectral beings we will leave it up to you to decide!

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Have YOU Stopped Nighttime Voices?

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