Sleep Position Meanings – What Does Yours Say?

The way you sleep at night says a lot about who you are, especially your favorite sleep position. Everyone has their own way of falling asleep at night and for many of us it is a direct reflection on our personality.

Some people have to sleep in a certain position while others seem to be able to fall asleep in almost any position. Scientist have conducted experiments to research what different sleep positions mean and you might be surprised when you learn more about how you sleep and how to fall asleep faster!

Common Sleep Position Meanings

Most humans sleep in a few common positions. While there are lots of variations of these popular sleep positions as well as some unique outliers most people sleep in one of these positions.

1. The Soldier

Soldier sleepers sleep flat on their back, arms at their side, facing the ceiling with their legs held straight. This is one of the easiest positions to identify due to its resemblance to a military stance.

People who prefer the Soldier position tend to be shy while still having high self esteem. Others might think of them as reserved and pensive instead of outgoing and brash. They are most productive when following a routine and like structure in their life.

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​2. Free Fall

People that sleep in the Free Fall position lay on their stomach and wrap their arms around a pillow under their head. The Free Fall position is popular among heavy snorers and promotes digestive health but can be painful on joint injuries. You can identify a Free Fall sleeper by the hug they give their pillow while sleeping. Most Free Fall sleepers prefer firm, lumpy pillows but some will actually fold a thin pillow in half!

Research has shown that Free Fall sleepers tend to be more outgoing, take criticism poorly and feel anxious when they are not in control.

3. Starfish

The Starfish sleep position is when someone lays on their back, with their arms up near their pillow and head. Some prefer to have their hand or arms under their pillow or head while others keep them free above the blankets.

Snorers be careful! The Starfish position can cause the tongue to fall back into the throat and make you start snoring. If you have a problem with snoring or sleep apnea it might be a good idea to try a different sleep position.

Unlike Free Fall sleepers, people that usually sleep in the Starfish position tend to be introverts that keep to themselves rather than spend time with a crowd. They also are good listeners in small settings that they feel most comfortable!

4. Yearner

The Yearner position is a side sleeping position with the arms kept straight out. Yearners usually need a lot of room in bed and can have trouble sleeping in uncomfortable environments, with partners or in small beds.

Yearners do not typically snore at night but can experience shoulder pain or hip pain if they sleep wrong. If you experience chronic shoulder or hip pain in the Yearner position try switching to another position!

Those who sleep in the Yearner sleeping position are dream chasers that are always excited for their next adventure. While they might seem cynical and negative at times they are just being realistic and keeping an open mind for all opportunities.

5. The Log

The Log sleeping position is similar to the soldier except it involves sleeping on the side instead of the back. This position is preferable for people with snoring and back problems since it keeps the tongue out of the back of the throat and allows some flexibility for the spine. It can cause neck pain if you sleep at a funny angle so if you are prone to neck problems it might be best to try another position!

Log sleepers are outgoing, sociable people that love to be the life of the party. They may have a reputation for being gullible due to their fun loving nature but don’t let that fool you! Log sleepers always have their wits about them and are on the lookout for deception!

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