12 Ways to Beat Toddlers Bedtime Tantrums

Getting a toddler to go to bed with out a tantrum is tough. Listening to a child throwing a nightly fit can be rough on your ears and your emotions. When my son was young he went though a period where he would cry and scream every night before bed.

At first I thought it was part of growing up but it started turning into a nightly routine! My little one’s inability to fall asleep left me exhausted!

Every parent knows bed time go can one of two ways:

In a perfect world, you read your children a few chapters from their favorite book and then they fall asleep.

In real life, your kids are in and out of bed and screaming loud enough to wake up the neighborhood. And your sitting in bed wondering, how can I get my kids to stay in bed?

Weather it is negotiations, screaming or tantrums there is a better way to put the kids to bed.

Out of nowhere our son was afraid to sleep alone and was set on letting the world know with a temper tantrum! Nothing changed about our nightly bedtime routine or his room, he just didn’t want to go to bed!

Why do toddlers throw tantrums before bed?

Understanding why children throw a fit is tough, often there is not one thing that sets them off. While all hope might seem lost as a parent you can rest easy knowing science says this behavior is normal!

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12 Ways to Stop Tantrums

1. Avoid Soda before Bed

2. Turn off the TV during the day and exercise before bed

3. Have a set bed time, and stick to it even on the weekends

4. Keep a structured bedtime routine

5. Always make kids go to sleep in their own bed, not the couch

6. Keep toys, ipads and cell phones off and out of the bedroom

7. Wake up at the same time every day keeping the same routine

8. Don’t let kids get out of bed too many times for drinks of water, trips to the bathroom and other excuses to get up

9. Never give into a tantrum, once you break and your child gets their way it will become routine

10. Don’t try to reason with a toddler, when mom and dad say it is bed time they mean it

11. Set the right tone an hour before bed by turning the tv down, dimming the lights and calming the children down

12. Try some melatonin about 30 minutes before bed

But here’s the kicker:

Little kids are going to throw temper tantrums no matter what you do. Even the best parents will want to pull their hair out some nights trying to get their kids to go to bed.

Now Here’s the Deal:

These 11 tips can help get your children to bed without a fight, but it is up to you to make it happen! Without enforcing strict rules you are in for a headaches every night, remember bed time does not have to be fun!

Don’t worry, it gets better:
If you enforce strict bed time rules you should have no problem stopping most tantrums before they start!

Tantrum Tips from REAL Moms!

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Michelle Haslett at whatmummythinks.co.uk
What Mummy ThinksGiving them a clear routine that we follow every day. They know what to expect then. Also we find that giving a 10 minute, 5 minute warning also helps to avoid any tantrums!


Karen Langston at parentsandco.co.uk
Parents and CoDealing with toddlers sleep issues can feel like a huge challenge as they will have been happening for a long time! Many parents with toddlers either enter the night with a sense of optimism and hope that the problem will just resolve itself, or they think that they will never ever fix the issues and they will never sleep again!!

The good news is its fixable, however sometimes convincing tired parents that things can improve can be hard! Toddler negotiations at 3am may involve many tears because you are changing things! Unfortunately many toddlers will try to resist these changes! It is important that your toddler realises that there are boundaries to their night time wake ups!

If they get upset they need to know you are there and they are ok, but it is time to go to sleep!!! Really important parents give them the same message over and over again, as they are looking at you for guidance. Most importantly you keep remembering why you are doing this and the long term gain to you all!

Faith Collins at joyfultoddlers.com
Joyful ToddlersIf your toddler has a meltdown when you announce that it’s time to get ready for bed, stop announcing it! Try doing the practical aspects of bedtime much earlier, so that they don’t signal the “end of the fun.”

If brushing teeth is a power struggle, move it up to directly after dinner, instead of before climbing into bed. Remember that children like to do what we do—do you brush your teeth when you want you child to brush hers? Let her have a moment of giving your teeth an extra brush before it’s your turn.

If getting pajamas on is a time for meltdowns, try putting them on MUCH earlier—perhaps even before dinner. This way, the act of putting pajamas on is separated from the end of the day

Finally, many meltdowns happen at the very end of the bedtime routine, as children try to prolong this special time of direct attention. Rather than losing your temper, imagine yourself as a music box, slowly winding down to its inevitable halt.

Nicole Arsiwala at talesfrommamaville.com
I am not one who sticks to a set routine when it comes to parenting. Ever since my child was a baby, I followed what I termed a ‘loose routine’ – so things were done at around the same time everyday, but if my child decided to sleep later one morning or wasn’t hungry at lunchtime, I would let him lead and move things around a bit.

However, as he grew into a toddler and the bedtime battles began, I came to realise the importance of a bedtime routine. It doesn’t ensure a peaceful bedtime every night, but it works a charm most nights. It sets the tone for bedtime as children know what to expect next (and that’s very important for a child – the unexpected frightens them). Bedtime is one area where I would highly recommend a routine (at least the same string of events in the same order, even if it’s not the same time every night!)

Talya at motherhoodtherealdeal.com
It’s about getting the balance right. Stick to a familiar bedtime routine every evening but offer flexibility within that by offering choices. Going to bed is not a choice, but the book they read, or the pajamas they wear can be. This gives them a little bit of power, while enabling you the parent to stay in control of a calm bedtime.

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