How to Stay Awake At Work

Staying awake while working the night shift is never easy, especially if it is not your regular work schedule. Staying alert while you are on the job is important to supporting your family, advancing your career and even staying safe if you work a job that involves heavy machinery or manual labor.

If you are working at night and need some help staying awake for your entire shift try some of these tips and learn how to stay awake at work! Falling asleep on the job is dangerous – plus your productivity is lowered which may make you a target for layoffs!

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Staying Awake After Lunch

Everyone knows keeping your eyes open after lunch can be difficult, especially your boss. If you do not want management to catch you sleeping after your lunch break try these easy tips:

  • No alcohol at lunch
  • Eat something healthy
  • Try drinking water instead of soda
  • Don’t overeat

2. No Alcohol at Lunch

2. Eat a Healthy Lunch

2. Try Reading a Book

If your job does not involve a lot of activity a good way to stay awake and keep your mind sharp is by reading. Reading a book is a great way to pass free time at work and maybe learn something new. Both fiction and non fiction books can keep your mind sharp while passing the slow hours at work, just make sure your boss is OK with you reading on the job first!

3. Staying Awake Playing a Game

Another fun option to pass time and stay awake at work is to take a short break and play a game. Games that are mentally stimulating and require critical thinking are an easy way to keep your eyes open.

Both the Apple and Android app stores are full of games that are sure to provide hours of stimulation while on your break! Some of our favorite games to play are Pokemon Go since it requires walking around, Words With Friends since it requires you to think and Angry Birds because you need a quick reaction time.

4. Listening to Music

If you can’t take a break to play a game or read a paragraph from a book listening to music at your desk is always a fun option. Try finding something upbeat and fun to listen to that will keep you active and interested, slow music may not be the best option here! Another trick is to listen to new music that you have never heard before. Listening to new music activates more parts of the brain and require more focus, helping you stay awake.

5. Listen to a Podcast

Music not your thing? There is always podcasts! Podcasts are like radio shows that are prerecorded and often around a central theme. If you can’t rock out while on the job but still need something to listen to try searching online for podcasts about your favorite topics. There are podcasts about every subject from raising bees to fantasy football meaning there is sure to be something that catches your eye.

6. Watching a Show

Try bringing an iPad or other tablet to work and watching a short TV show or web series on your break if you are having trouble staying awake. Watching a comedy or action show is a great way to get some blood flowing through your system and keep you alert and awake for your rest of your shift. Just make sure your boss knows you are on break before management catches you watching your favorite tv show in the break room!

Staying Awake without Caffeine

Many people turn to caffeinated and heavily sugared drinks like coffee, Red Bull and Monster. While these drinks may provide a short boost of energy it is short lived and unlikely to get keep your eyes open for the rest of your shift. There are many ways to stay awake without caffeine, one of the most effective ways is to drink a cold glass of water – and avoid a warm glass of milk! This shock to your system will both wake you up and make sure you stay hydrated!

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