Best Kratom for Sleep

Suffer from Insomnia or just have trouble falling asleep and interested in Kratom for its relaxing and sedative effects? People have been using Kratom for centuries and popularity is on the rise again! We did the hard work and found the best strains so you can fall asleep faster!

Kratom, aka Mitragyna Speciosa, has been scientifically proved to help you fall asleep faster – but with so many strains and varieties available it can be hard to know which is actually the best – especially if you do not want to test each variety.

Most Popular Red Strains

There 3 main strains of Kratom (Red, Green and White) each with a wide range of strains and effects. The most popular strain for better sleep is Red Vein Kratom due to its sedating effects and ability to ward off bouts of insomnia.

Why do we recommend Red Vein? Red strains produce alkaloads that tell the rest of your body to start relaxing and preparing for bed. The release of Hydroxymitragynine even makes it feel like are you sleeping in a warm blanket!

The effects of Kratom before bed can be felt across the entire body. After drinking most people start to feel calm and a little warm inside! We recommend curling up in bed and getting comfortable because you probably won’t be awake for much longer!

Best for Strain
Deep Sleep Red Vein Bali​
Insomnia Red Vein Borneo​
Anxiety Red Vein Sumatra​
Stress Relief Red Vein Borneo​
Relaxation Red Vein Bali​

1. Red Vein Bali

Red Vein Bali

Our #1 pick for the best Kratom for beating Insomnia is Red Vein Bali. It is perfect form releasing stress and calming the nerves after a long stressful day. This strain comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa in Bali and is a powerful pain reliever thanks to alkaloids diversity (over 25).

2. Red Vein Borneo

Red Vein Borneo

Our favorite strain of Kratom for fighting insomnia is Red Vein Borneo.  It is a more moderate strain – but don’t let that turn you away it still has some powerful effects all thanks to the alkaloid 7-Hydroxymitragynine! Red Vain Borneo is known for its sedative and analgesic effects so it might be the strain for you if you are in search of natural pain relief without “brain fog”.

3. Red Vein Sumatra

Red Vein Sumatra

Red Vein Sumatra is a high alkaloid Kratom that is native to Sumatra and gets effects from Mitragynine plus a mix of complex alkaloids. This variation is considered to be soothing and the best relieving nighttime anxiety.

Is Kratom safe for sleep?

Is Kratom safe to take before bed for sleep? Yes – but it is important not to develop a dependency. Kratom may be all natural (just like Melatonin) but some people become dependent and can’t fall asleep without it! Make sure to regulate your usage and take a few nights off every now and then!

Are there any side effects?

Kratom may be all natural but there are still some side effects. Always make sure to stay well hydrated and keep an eye out for these side effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
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