Sleep & Bedtime Calculator for Kids

Use our Calculator to find the Best Bedtime based on Age and when you need to wake up in the morning!

Struggling to calculate the best bedtime for your kids? Children of different ages need different amounts of sleep – As we age from children to adults we need fewer and fewer hours of sleep every day – then again a few extra hours once we get to retirement.

Let’s check out exactly how many hours of sleep experts recommend for kids and then calculate the best time to go to sleep with our easy to use bedtime calculator. Just enter your child’s age and the time you need to wake up in the morning and we will calculate the best time to go to bed!

Hours of Sleep Based on Age

Age Hours of Sleep
0 to 1 14 hours
1 to 2 12 hours
3 to 5 11 hours
6 to 12 10 hours
13 to 18 9 hours

Bedtime Calculator for Kids

Marie Seska

Marie Seska

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