Is Putting Vaseline on Your Face Before Bed Good?

People will go a long way to look good and have clear skin but is putting Vaseline on your face before bed an effective for preventing acne? There are many misconceptions and rumors about using Vaseline as a beauty product, some people even claim it can melt your face off! You may be surprised to when you learn just how effective rubbing some on your face before bed can be at reducing acne, preventing wrinkles and healing other skin damage.

Is it OK to use Vaseline?

Yes! Vaseline is 100% safe to use on your face before bed, just remember if you use too much you may find yourself cleaning your pillow in the morning! Vaseline is made of 100% non-comedogenic Petroleum Jelly which does not clog pores and prevents oils from seeping into the skin.

If you notice your face start to break out after using Petroleum Jelly stop right away and find another way to relax like some relaxing tunes!

The skin on your face is very delicate and sensitive, while Vaseline might not cause any medical problems it can irritate sensitive skin! Also be careful if you are sick! Petroleum Jelly is an occlusive that locks moisture into the skin, if you are sick you could be locking in your germs!

Which Vaseline is Best?

Can I use Vaseline as a moisturizer?

Occlusives like Vaseline are great nighttime moisturizers, especially if your skin is not already dry. Petroleum jelly forms a protective barrier on the top layer of your skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin well hydrated. Vaseline can also be used in place of lotion on dry, sensitive skin to aid in the healing process and stop itching!

Does Vaseline overnight treat oily skin?

Vaseline is a great way to treat oily skin overnight, just make sure to thoroughly wash your face so you are not locking dirt and oil into your pores. Applying Vaseline before washing your face can lock dirt, oil and other acne causing particles into your skin all night! Before application lather your face with a bar of white soap and dry off with a clean towel.

Other good alternatives to using pure Vaseline are traditional moisturizers that contain a percentage of Petroleum jelly. These are great alternatives to Vaseline if you have sensitive skin or need extra nutrients and vitamins.

Wrinkles and Vaseline

Using Vaseline at night has also been linked to preventing wrinkles, but this might just be because all moisturizers prevent wrinkles. Either way if you are worried about developing wrinkles on your face or want to minimize current age lines try rubbing some Vaseline on problem areas before heading to bed for the night!

Is it good to put Vaseline under your eyes?

Since the area under your eyes is a common spot for wrinkles, age marks and acne to appear you may be worrying if Vaseline is safe to use close to your eyes. As long as you do not get large amounts of the jelly in your eyes you should be OK! We recommend washing your hands after rubbing it on your face to ensure no problems. Vaseline is a great way to keep these patches hydrated and looking fresh.

Got a Hot Tip?

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Johanna Lagerroos at

I feel like moisturizing before bed is always good, but my personal preference would be something more natural like coconut oil (which also gets bonus points from the lovely scent!).

Swati Murti at

I am not a big fan of mineral oil or petroleum jelly, thanks to all the bashing it has received in the recent years. But, to be honest, my experience with vaseline has not been bad at all. It does result in a lot of blackheads but did not give me breakouts. Still, I steer clear of it except in extenuating circumstances. But, I find it a great help to create an occlusive layer. So, I love to use it as two things in my beauty routine which do not include the face! 1. I use a lip moisturizer and finish up with a layer of vaseline to prevent the loss of moisture. 2. Similar to the lips, I apply hand cream and then finish off with a light layer of vaseline to keep the moisture in.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan at

I always get breakouts if I put vaseline on my face before bed, so I skip it for the whole face and just use it for my lips.

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