Best Recliner for Sleeping

Laying down in a comfortable position is key falling asleep. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to fall asleep in a normal bed at night!

Common reasons avoid laying down in a bed at night include surgery, pregnancy, back or neck pain and just getting old! One sleep solution is to ditch the bed and sleep in a recliner instead! Our team of sleep experts here at Sleep Insider did some research and found everything you need to know about sleeping on a reclining chair and put together an in depth buying guide, comparison chart – plus the 9 best recliners for sleeping!

The 9 Best Sleeping Recliners 2018

On the hunt for a new recliner? Don’t click buy until you hear what we have to say about these popular models from name brands like Ashley Furniture, Yandel and Modern Leather.

1. Yandel Power Lift Recliner from Ashley Furniture


Everyone knows I am a light sleeper with a history of back problems!

If you are like me and on the hunt for a relaxing chair to curl up in after a long day at work then you need to try the Yandel Power Lift Recliner from Ashley Furniture! It is the only chair I have found that really reminds me of my grandparents house!

Let’s walk through some of my favorite features!

To start with, I instantly fell in love with the upholstery. It looks (and feels) just like real leather but is actually made from a thick poly fiber for extra softness without sacrificing durability. While I normally prefer a traditional leather this was a suprisingly good substitute, especially for someone with messy kids!

The recliner itself is considered to be “oversized”. It measures 35″W x 40″D x 42.5″H with a 20″ seat height and 69″ fully reclined length so make sure you have room in your home before purchasing!

2. Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman


I love a recliner that comes with a footrest. This Leather Massage Recliner & Ottoman Set has multiple massage modes and can even heat the seat for extended relief. Plus, who can so no to a double padded back rest?

My personal favorite feature is the 5 pre programmed massages! I love to switch between the 9 different intensity levels as my cat falls asleep on my lap. The different massages can work your upper and lower back, thighs and calf muscles for a near full body massage.

If you are like me and always losing remotes then this is the chair for you! The controls are attached with a short (but durable) cord and there is a convenient storage pocket on the right side.

This recliner from Best Choice measures 46”(L) x 29”(W) x 41”(H) and can support up to 250 pounds so if you plan on sharing your seat you might want to find a sturdier chair!

3. Merax Power Recliner


Plan on sitting down for awhile? Then you (and your back) need the deep foam pillow top cushions of the Merax Power Recliner! The PU leather makes it feel like you are sleeping on clouds.

Not familiar with PU leather? PU leather (aka Bicast leather) may look all natural but it is actually a man made material. By covering a layer of split leather with embossed polyurethane the recliner gains extra protection and durability without sacrificing comfort. When you are ready to kick back and fall asleep pull out the extendable leg rest in the seated or reclined position.

The Merax Recliner can safely seat up to 330 pounds, making it our choice as best recliner for sleeping with a partner!

4. Coaster Casual Power Lift Recliner


Nothing reminds me of my grandparents house more than a big recliner with large chenille pillow cushions. The Coaster Casual Chennille Power Lift Recliner is a great choice if you are hunting for a recliner that can rotate and is easy to use for people with limited mobility. It is one of our favorite picks for people that need assistance standing up with assistance!

The chair is powered by a short power cord with backup 9 volt batteries (just in case the power goes out)! Changing positions is slow but steady, but with a chair this large I didn’t expect it to win any races.

This chair is large! Measured 39″ by 37″ by 41″ make sure that it will fit before ordering and beware! Some assembly is required and the parts are quite heavy so make sure to bring a friend!

5. Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner


6. Modern Leather Recliner Chair


Need an elegant accent chair to bring together a room? This Modern Leather Reclining Chair is made from wood and leather for a classic look that fits in any formal, family or living room (or even your office).

The Chaise Couch Recliner from FDW can recline and has a pull out footrest for horizontal sleeping.

One feature that I fell in love with was the high arm rest! The arm rest are tall, but super soft which let me fall asleep in some unique positions while watching TV.

Assembly is super easy and takes less than 10 minutes to set up, plus the chair is light weight which makes it easy to re-position.

This recliner can only hold up to 250 pounds so if you want to share with a partner you need to find a sturdier chair or risk finding yourself on the floor!

7. Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman


Nothing says style like this Contemporary Black Leather Recliner from Flash Furniture.

If you need a new recliner for your den or office and need some flash and class then you need to sit in this swiveling mahogany recliner! With the built in headrest and stuffed arm rest you will have no problem falling asleep (just make sure you are not on a conference call)!

Instead of a full leather exterior this recliner is made with LeatherSoft. This polyurethane blend looks and feels just like real leather but is actually more durable and tear resistant.

One thing I did notice while reviewing this chair was that the arm rest were a little low for my liking. They seemed to be designed for office use rather than sleeping.

8. Dorel Living Slim Recliner


Need a new recliner but tight on space in a dorm or apartment? Our pick for best tall back recliner for sleeping is the Dorel Living Slim Recliner!

This recliner features a tall back design with a seat heat of 17 inches! It uses a soft microfiber that is super comfortable to fall asleep in at night and while watching a movie.


The Dorel Slim Recliner has 3 sleeping positions. While this is less flexibility that some larger chair it is important to remember this chair is designed to fit in tight spaces! Some assembly is required but don’t let that scare you away! All you need to do is slide the base and back together until everything clicks. The chair weighs 47 pounds when fully assembled so it is not difficult for an adult to move around a room.

9. MAGIC UNION Electric Recliner Chair


Need a recliner with a power lift to help a senior citizen stand? The MAGIC UNION Electric Recliner Chair is the perfect recliner for seniors that like to sleep in their chair!

The power lift motor can raise a person comfortably out of the chair from any position. The back and footrest motors work together to provide a smooth lift until standing that is not too fast or too slow.

One feature that helped me fall asleep faster was the 4 massage focus areas and 5 models. The recliner can massage and work your legs, butt, lumbar and back with a pulse, press, wave, auto and normal massage with heat available on demand! I loved to set the 30 minute timer and fall asleep to a gentle massage. 

If you are thinking about adding this to your home make sure to do some measuring first! The chair needs to be at least 17.7 inches from the wall to recline!

Can you sleep on a Recliner?

Most people prefer to sleep in a traditional bed but in some cases sleeping in a recliner can be beneficial! You may have heard old wives tales that falling asleep in a chair will cause back pain but that is simply not true!

People suffering from back pain, neck stiffness, heart burn, sleep apnea and post surgery all can find relief in a recliner! If you choose to spend the night in a recliner we recommend bringing a pillow and blanket plus some soft sheets!

Benefits of Sleeping in a Recliner

  1. Prevent heart burn and acid reflux
  2. Find comfort after surgery
  3. Sleeping while pregnant
  4. Improve circulation in extremeties
  5. Relive back, neck and leg pain

Potential Problems while Sleeping in a Recliner

  1. Back pain from sleeping in unnatural position
  2. Chair indentations and stains
  3. Difficult to sleep with a partner

How to Choose a Sleeping Recliner + Buying Guide

The first step to picking the right recliner for you is to decide on a style. The most common recliner styles are:

  • Rockers, perfect if you like to sleep with a slight sway or rocking motion
  • Wall huggers, if you are tight on space
  • Lifts, for easy access for the eldery
  • Massager chairs, perfect for relieving aches and pains

Recliner Construction and Durability

When buying a new (or used) recliner be sure to check the frame construction and durability. Most people only check for stains and holes but a poorly constructed frame can lead to a short lifespan. Check the frame by inspecting as much as you can from the outside.

Don’t be scared to take a seat and work the foot rest, lean all the way back and turn on any accessories! One of our favorite test is to turn the recliner on its side or back and see how it holds up. If you hear any creaking, cracking or see hidden rips in the fabric you might want to look at a different chair!

Extra Features

Many new recliners have built in massagers, seat warmers and electric motor controls.

Before purchasing a recliner with fancy new features be sure to test everything, especially if you are buying used! Always double check the cord condition and look for any exposed electrical parts.table

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