Newborns Grunting While Sleeping

Your newborn baby is home from the hospital and finally sleeping – but should you be worried about grunting noises? Parents are always happy to see their new baby sleeping but any grunt, groan, strain or cough can quickly catch your attention and get your mind racing – thinking that something might be wrong with … Read more

Bloody Nose while Sleeping

Waking up with a bloody nose is actually more common occurrence than you might think. There are a few common causes some more serious than others. Waking up to find your pillow covered in blood can be scary and confusing especially if you sleep in darkness Many people are overtaken by fear and start to … Read more

Best Recliner for Sleeping

Laying down in a comfortable position is key falling asleep. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to fall asleep in a normal bed at night! Common reasons avoid laying down in a bed at night include surgery, pregnancy, back or neck pain and just getting old! One sleep solution is to ditch the bed and sleep … Read more

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Many people have heard the about the so called benefits of sleeping naked (or in the nude) but are the health benefits real? Most people sleep at least 8 hours per night and we can’t live or function in day to day life without it – so why not take off your pajamas and start … Read more

Best Careers for Night Owls

Do you consider yourself a night owl? If so you might be surprised at all the unique career opportunities available after the sun sets that most people forget about! Working the night shift might not be for everyone as it can make your day to day schedule differ from the rest of the world but … Read more

Shift Work Disorder

Shift Work Disorder is a sleep disorder, commonly found in those that work odd hours, that disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and causes insomnia and excessive sleepiness. While this might seem like an odd disorder shift workers like doctors, factory workers and even air traffic controllers can be scheduled to work nontraditional hours that are … Read more

What Is Sleep Deprivation?

Although scientists have a better understanding than ever of why humans need sleep, along with all mammals, reptiles and birds, the exact reasons are still somewhat unclear What is  known is that when a person abstains from sleep for a significant amount of time, many of their body’s functions and faculties begin to become impaired. Anyone … Read more

Best Magnesium Supplements for Sleep

Magnesium (aka Mg) may sound like a surprising sleep aide but this essential nutrient might be the key to a good night of sleep! Troubled sleepers often struggle to find answers – when they might be right under their nose and in their diet! It is no secret that millions of people across the United … Read more