Leesa Pillow Review

Keep cool with advanced an Avana foam pillow

Don’t settle for the same old pillow you have had for years. It may have that “homey” feel (and smell) but in reality you are sleeping on years of dead skin cells and drool all while missing out on more comfortable pillows like the Leesa pillow! Searching around to see if it is the right choice for under your head tonight – check out what the team at Sleep Insider thinks about this and other popular pillows – read about the Specifications, Pros & Cons, Sizes, Pricing, Trial and Delivery!

Leesa Specifications

Specs Info
Material Avena® performance foam covered with a polyester lycra blend
Weight About 5 pounds
Designed for increase airflow
Trial Period 100 night trial
Shipping About 10 to 12 days
How to Wash Cover - Machine wash
Foam - Spot clean
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The Leesa Pillow

The Leesa Pillow

Need a supportive pillow that will keep your head cool all night – then the Leesa Pillow is right for you! With improved air flow plus and no fluffing required you and rest your head softly all night long.

The Leesa Hybrid

The Leesa Hybrid

Like sleeping on a quilted pillow – then you need the Leesa Hybrid! The Hybrid is similar to the original pillow but has a few key differences for even more coolness. Ventilated gel layers are designed for extra air flow and the Microfiber makes falling asleep easy!

Max airflow design

Both pillow models are built with maximum air flow in mind. Polyester MicroFiber plus gel = superior airflow!

Smooth zipper seam

Tired of feeling the zipper or even worse – cutting your fingers? Don’t worry Leesa has a hidden zipper!

Built to Last

100 night trial plus 3 year warranty you know you are getting a pillow that will last – plus the cover is washable!

Pick your Favorite

With two models – and two different sizes to choose from you are sure to find a style and size that fits you!


Size Dimensions
Leesa - Standard 18W" x 26L" x 5H"
Leesa - King 18W" x 32L" x 5H"
Hybrid - Standard 16W" x 24L"
Hybrid - Queen 16W" x 28L"


Mattress Price
Leesa - Standard $75
Leesa - King $95
Hybrid - Standard $125
Hybrid - Queen $135

Leesa Trial & Warranty


3 year warranty covering defects – not wear and tear or damage


Leesa offers a 100 night trial period

Refunds & Returns

Leesa accepts returns during the 100 night trial period and a full refund

Leesa Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Costs

Leesa pillows have no additional shipping or handling costs

How is it Shipped?

Pillows are shipping a few days after order via UPS

Where does Leesa ship to?

Leesa ships anywhere in North America

Ready to try Leesa?

Ready to order a pillow from new pillow Leesa? Click here to place your order and your pillow it will arrive in a few days! 

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