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On the hunt for a new bed in a box and want to review all the top Leesa alternatives and competitors in one place? Our team of sleep experts did the leg work so you don’t have to search all over the net! With so many bed in a box companies out there it can be hard to know which to order for your room. Our favorite competitor is Nectar – but there are many other great alternatives like Avocado, Layla and Wink!

Leesa vs Nectar Side by Side Comparison



Pricing Starts at $845 Starts at $799
Warranty Forever warranty ?
Trial Period 365 day trial 100 day trial
Thickness 11 inches 10 inches
Material Memory Foam Responsive Foam
Breathability Extra breathable base layer ?
Motion Transfer Yes ?
Firmness Yes ?
Made in USA? Made in the USA Made in the USA
Shipping Free Shipping and Returns Free Shipping and Returns
Overall Rating 4.5/5 4/4

Cooling Foam Design

Coolness (aka breath-ability) is always one of the top concerns of mattress buyers. Nectar – our top recommended memory foam bed – is made of a Tencel cooling cover that circulates air and pulls heat away from you and your partner.

What about the foam? Nectar Mattresses are made of Gel Memory foam to provide better weight distribution without sacrificing comfort or coolness!

Stop Back Pain

Waking up with back pain is no fun – especially on a new mattress. Avoid bed regret and get our favorite bed for sleeping with a bad back. Quilted gel memory foam contours to your body to give to support needed to rest comfortably

How does Nectar stop pain? Nectar stops upper and low back pain with hi core memory foam. This foam is plush yet firm and provides support for any sleeping position. Plus – it is CERTIPUR-US® Certified so you know it has passed all the tests.

Top Leesa Competitor

On the hunt for a Leesa alternative? There are countless online mattresses companies – how can you be expected to find the best deals an unbiased ratings? Our in depth guide (plus review of popular competitors) will help you find the perfect bed!

When we learn people are thinking of buying a Leesa mattress we tell them to wait and check out Nectar – as well as other bed in a box mattress delivery companies. Why do we tell all our friends about Nectar beds? Easy – because you won’t find a better bed for your money!

CERTIPUR-US® Certification

What does it mean to be CERTIPUR-US Certified? This certification means the materials used to make your bed are good for the environment, your body and safe for your home!

Tencel Cooling

Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot. If you wake up sweating the cause may be your mattress! Try a more breathable material to stay cool at night.

The Perfect Firmness

Too soft, too hard or just right! Finding the perfect firmness (or softness) is tough without testing a bed. Many people find Leesa uncomfortable and prefer the middle of the road Nectar.

Gel Memory Foam

What is gel memory foam and how is it different? This foam is firm but still has the squish you expect from a bed. You can jump on the bed, just don’t expect much bounce back!

What about Shipping...

Ordering a mattress online for delivery is scary – How does it work and what if I don’t like the bed?

Nectar mattresses come compressed in a box and quickly expand to their full size when opened. If you don’t like the bed and want to return it no worries – there is a 365 trial.

Find the Perfect Bed for your Place

Your Home

Fall asleep in your family home. Name brands are not everything – check out Nectar and other competitors.

Your Apartment

Just signed a lease on your first apartment and now you need a bed? Order for delivery today!

Your Dorm

Don’t spend the entire semester trying to study on an uncomfortable bed. Schedule Nectar to your dorm!

What about...


Your bed plays a large roll in your sleep temperature. Get a bed designed for cool, comfortable sleeping.

Motion Transfer

No one likes getting bounced around by their partner. Sleep all night with a Nectar gel memory mattress.

Dust Mites

Forget about dust mites! The bed cover prevents bed mites from digging into the fibers of the mattress.


Don’t sweat delivery. The bed comes in a protective box with easy to carry handles for stairs and tight hallways.

Ready to try Nectar?

We hope this comparison guide was useful to you – our team of sleep experts reviewed all of the most popular mattresses to find the very best. Why should you trust us? We like to think we know everything about sleep – after all it is what we do best!

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Other Leesa Alternatives

Unsure if Staava and Nectar are the right choice and want to keep looking? We understand – finding the best mattress is key to waking up feeling your best. Some of our other favorite brands are Layla, Avocado and Wink!

Layla Mattress

Layla vs Leesa

Stay cool all night with the power of Copper! Layla Mattresses (and topper) and built for support and keep you and your partner cool with a Thermogel cover. Made of 4 layers of Copper infused foam you will wake up tomorrow without that pain in your neck or back.

Avocado Mattress

Avocado vs Leesa

Avocado Mattresses are non-toxic, eco-friendly mattresses made in the USA. The green mattresses are made of Latex Rubber, New Zealand Wool plus organic Cotton. Both Standard and Pillow-Top options are hand tufted and super comfortable

Wink Mattress

Wink vs Leesa

Wink Beds are the latest and greatest in hi tech bedding. Keep one side cool while the other stays warm – and don’t worry the coolControl technology is still eco-friendly. Quieter than a fan and able to raise the temp 30 degrees or lower it by 10!

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